Selected Airlines Operate ‘Kosher’ Flights With No Movies

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chareidimAs travelers are well aware, airlines typically screen movies and some of them must be carefully avoided by the religious public. On most flights to Europe, the films are shown on central screens, whereas on flights to the US,every passenger has a personal screen, which also pose a problem for certain passengers striving to maintain reasonable standards of modesty.

To deal with the problem, Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Tachbura has created mini-barriers (curtains) that can be attached to the seat, enabling passengers to daven and learn in accordance with halacha. To receive a mechitza and guidance, call 02-537-7793 or 057-315-5613 or 057-311-9088.

The following airlines operate flights with no movies at all and therefore should be preferred since they would be considered “iko darko achrino” (see Bovo Basra 57b with Rambam): EasyJet, Austria Airlines, Alitalia, KLM, Iberia, Lot, Aerosvit, MALEV, Czech Airlines, JetAir and Brussels Airlines.

{Deiah veDibur/Yair Israel}


  1. In other news, the Vaad has created blinders for people who are driving, so that they will not see inappropriate billboards featuring ads for MEYUS such as ads for hair removal…

  2. i am all for helping people do a better job in shmiras hamitzvos. all for it. but i do wonder if in the end this stuff creates a reality where people are not taught to be strong and learn to not look. Shmiras Aynayim is, bottom line, a chiyuv not to look. yes, its great if there is nothing to look at, but its creating a weak generation of people who have no ability to stand up to tests.
    I was on a plane the other day and a chassidische guy sits down with his wife and within about an hour realised that he would not be able to keep to his chsen level of shmiras eynayim. he stood up, reached for his tallis, put it on, over his head, picked up a sefer and learned and slept, with his face covered for 8 hours.
    I congratualted him after wards on the kiddush hashem.
    he had a problem. he dealt with it by being shomer himself. no boycotts of airlines from this guy. no social pressure form well meaning askonim to put mechitzas on busses and blankets over movies and to move women out of sight and out of mind. NO, this guy just had a commitment to keep to his own standards without being mafriah anyone else. he was a real baal madreigah and i was impressed.

  3. While Making a fuss over this in gulus, is not what we are supposed to do, and no its not within the intrest of these airlines, who are busy enough focusing on security, to be faced with an additional headache, what would be the best solution, is to encourage airlines to show kosher or educational movies fitting even for young children, which are in the best intrest and entirely an educational issue for young children, so why start with the airlines putting up curtains? I mean whats next men in the front of the plane and women in the back? stop trying to make it harder for the airlines who are busy with security! and stop trying to rule peoples lives! noone likes being bored for 9 hours straight! why cant you make this an educational issue instead? so that it doesnt turn into religious coercion? why do people like to force yidishkeit on others? have they not seen where it has gotten us the hatred out there is not necessary! But and it almost goes inline with the anti charedi filtered internet gangs who dont care about anything but controlling peoples lives because charedi newspapers are practicaly the same thing and noones banned them!

  4. A. Why busy airlines with a non security issue isnt keeping us secure on flight the main issue that they should be busy with?
    B. Why force people to boredom? is religious coercion back in town?
    C. Will the next request be for men in the front and women in the back?
    D. Why not rather encourage airlines to view educational movies suitable for children too which will in essence turn this into a concern for jew and non jew alike?
    E. Where has religious coercion ever gotten us to isnt it futile in essence?

  5. Why do I have to be “FORCED” to watch HORRIBLE stuff for 8 hours – after I paid a fortune for the flight!
    It’s about time we have a choice for some quiet time without stupid stuff “blaring” in your eyes!
    …and don’t tell me “If you don’t want to look then don’t” It doesn’t work that way – If there is a big screen in front of you, It’s very annoying!
    BTW, look around during a flight, most people aren’t even interested. Why bother with all those dirty stuff?
    To ease boredom, something easy, and appropriate can be shown maybe… It won’t bother the Movie watcher… after all, they can watch “anytime. they don’t need to do it on the flight.

  6. Do none of you realise that this is chodesh adar, and that purim falls on yom alef?

    Can none of you realise that this is a purim spiel?

  7. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas T’tzavehe
    Time: 5:36 PM Pacific Standard Time

    This is not an issue of “forcing” “Yiddishkeit” on other people!

    First of all, the problems of Geluy Araiyos – immoral filth, Sh’fichus Damim – murder and other sadistic violence, and K’fira B’HaShem – an undercurrent of atheism (they don’t even mention the word “G-D” once!), which, very tragically, fill most movies (and television shows), apply to everyone.

    Second, as Comment #12. from “Truth” points out, the issue is not really that of “us” forcing “them” to not have movies; rather, the issue is that we do not want “them” TO FORCE “us” to have to look at the movies!

    The retort that is given to us of “well, just don’t look!” is not simple at all — the screen is there, right in front of us! What one man did, as related here in Comment #9 from “bored with excuses,” of covering his face with his talis for the several hours of the flight, is extremely uncomfortable, and no person should have to do that.

    Furthermore, children definitely ARE going to look at whatever is in front of them; thus as their parents, we do not have to be forced to helplessly sit there while our children are being shown material that we know is very bad for them.

    Third, the issues of movies goes far beyond issues of religion of immoral themes, etc. In the entertainment world itself, there are many, many different kinds of motion picture plays. It is well known that with music, different people have very different tastes of which music they like and which music they can’t stand. So the same phenomenon is with movies, different people have very different feelings of which motion pictures they thought were great and which ones they thought were lousy and boring.

    So when there is an airline flight, with over 300 very different people sitting on airplane, even IF all of these 300 people are all avid theater goers, it is still quite naive and really quite ridiculous for the airline to think that it can choose a movie to show that everyone of the 300 passengers is going to like!!

    At the very most, if people really want movies on airplane flights, then, they should put an individual screen for each seat, that is structured in such a way that only that passenger in that seat can see that screen, and will go on only if that passenger turns it on.

  8. If all they’ve stopped is the big screens, kudos! Those things are so annoying no matter what they show, if you’re trying to sleep right in front they’re shining lights on you, etc. Keep the movies to the individual screens. Watch what you want, don’t watch what you don’t want, there’s no reason we all have to be watching the same thing all the time!

  9. Boruch HaShem, EasyJet, Austria Airlines, Alitalia, KLM, Iberia, Lot, Aerosvit, MALEV, Czech Airlines, JetAir and Brussels Airlines have all implemented this option of flights with no movies at all. It would then certainly be wonderful if El Al were to do this too! Already,

    1.) All the food served on El Al is kosher; for those who want, they offer the option of “special kosher,” that are from those hashgachos that the Chareidi world uses.

    2.) They have no flights running on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

    So it would be great if we could add a #”3.”: They offer flights where the “sights” are also kosher — no movies!


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