Sen. Chuck Schumer Becomes a Zaide for the First Time

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just took on a major role: zaide.

The New York Democrat tweeted an announcement Wednesday that his family grew by one with the addition of Noah Melvin Schumer-Shapiro, “a very happy Brooklyn baby.” The middle name, Melvin, Schumer wrote, is in honor of Schumer’s great-grandfather, a New York City cabdriver.

Schumer’s daughter Jessica and her husband Michael Shapiro welcomed the 7-pound, 21-inch baby boy in NYU Langone’s Tisch Hospital on Shabbos, according to a statement from Schumer’s office.

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  1. Enjoy this grandchild, because it is highly unlikely that his recently “married” daughter and her wife will be having kids anytime soon.

  2. Is the baby halachically Jewish? If so, that what be a miracle for who-knows-how-many-generations-non-religious Schumer’s family. Statistically, it takes about 4 or 5 non-religious generations to intermarry into an oblivion. Who knows, maybe the baby will come back. Maybe even Chuck will come back.

    • Senator Schumer has Chasidishe yichus. He has spoken about a zeide or something like that having a connection (being meshamesh?) the Czortkover tzaddik (Czortkover Rebbe).

      So even though I take strong exception to some of his positions and actions, he is not as far as removed from the old country, historically speaking, as some people here seem to be imagining.

      • Chasidishe yichus means nothing. Most of the descendants of 18th century chasidim are non religious, some even goyim. Our greatness comes from Avos and Maamad Har Sinai. The only ichus that matters is from Avrohom Avinu. By the way, I have nothing against chasidim, and am descendant of chasidim myself.

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