Senate Dem Leaders Seek To Add Vision, Dental To Medicare

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Senate Democrat leaders are seeking to add dental and vision medical coverage to Medicare.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tweeted Sunday:

“There is a gaping hole in Medicare that leaves out dental, vision, and hearing coverage. This is a serious problem. I’m working with @SenSanders to push to include dental, vision, and hearing Medicare coverage in the American Jobs and Families Plans.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., chairman of the powerful Senate Budget Committee, has noted President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget planned to include the expansion of Medicare for dental and vision coverage.

“The budget that President Biden has submitted to Congress constitutes the most significant agenda for working families in the modern history of our country,” Sanders wrote in a press release last month. “At a time when more than half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck and tens of millions of Americans continue to struggle, the president’s budget would create millions of good-paying jobs and substantially improve the lives of working families, children, the elderly, the sick and the poor.

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  1. With President Trump’s upcoming amazing medical technologies, all this will become obsolete, including medicare.

  2. Senators? Where are they having the sessions today that the WH is closed?
    Schumer? Fake News needs to keep his name alive until the end of the show.

  3. There’s only one reason why dental and vision are somewhat affordable: because medicare and insurance companies don’t pay for it for the most part, and the prices are the result of supply and demand, hence the prices reflect what most people can afford to pay. Now, with medicare involved, watch the prices get arbitrarily inflated by a factor of 10 – medical services style. Expect to pay something like $2,000 for an x-ray and cleaning, and pay something like additional $400 in additional dental insurance per month and being limited to the worst “network” dentists. Whatever the socialist-fascists touch turns into an excrement.

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