Senator Chuck: ‘Schumer’ is Same as ‘Shomer’ – We Need to ‘Guard’ Israel”

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schumerSecretary of State Hillary Clinton sharply rebuked Israel Monday over its recent decision to build new settlements in East Jerusalem. She told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a 43-minute telephone conversation that the move was “deeply negative” for US-Israeli relations.

But her former New York pal, Senator Chuck Schumer, sang a different tune regarding Israel.

Speaking at the annual legislative breakfast of COJO of Flatbush, the Jewish Schumer said his surname “is the same as a shomer” (a guardian in Hebrew).

“We need to be guardians of America and its strongest ally – Israel,” he said according to one participant.

While Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren reportedly said relations between the two countries are at their lowest point in 35 years, there were more smiles than dim faces in Flatbush.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said at the event that a nuclear Iran “is something the world and Israel cannot allow to happen.”

Congressman Anthony Weiner, Deputy Mayor of New York Ed Skyler and members of the City Council and State Assembly also spoke positively about Israel.

The building of 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, a plan that angered Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Israel, was not mentioned.

Indeed, COJO heads preferred to focus on local communal issues and highlight the unbreakable ties between the U.S. and Israel.

In attendance from Crown Heights were Chanina Sperlin and Rabbi Eli Cohen, Vice Chairman and Director of the Jewish Community Council.

Also there were Rabbi Shea Hecht, chairman of NCFJE, and Eli Slavin, Community Liaison for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who could not make it.

Rabbi Moishe Wiener, Director of the Jewish Community Center of Coney Island, was among the crowd of 1,000.

Awarding the honorees from COJO were Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, Leon Goldenberg and Moishe Zakheim.

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  1. # 1 said:
    Hilarry Clinton can go off a cliff.

    She should take her boss, yimach shemo with her. Remember the mouth that yelled at Netanyahu was the same mouth that kissed Mrs. Arafat, yemach shema.

  2. Actually, “Shumar” is binyan Pual — passive. It means “guarded.” Shomer is binyan Kal and is active. It means “guardian.”

    But I can forgive Schumer for a dikduk mistake.

    The Wolf

  3. I heard this Torah from him already about eight years ago at the 2002 HASC concert. He spoke and he said his Shumer/Shomer Torah.

  4. It is appropriate that Shumar is passive, because that is what Schumer is with respect to Israel in the current crisis, passive. A few clever words at the COJO breakfast doesn’t cut the mustard for a publicity hound like Schumer.

  5. the senator has made the same speech for years.
    There is little that is newsworthy about this story except for the fact that Israel needs its friends in Washington to publicly challenge this administration. The Obama policy’s will put congressional democrats in jeopardy at home as they should. Except for a few democrats with some guts like A. Weiner and shelly from nevada the silence on the democratic side of the aisle against the obama biden clinton tag team has been deafening. Democrats where are you?

  6. I think that the democracy of israel has to be respected, and if the israeli public is against comprimise in most areas of yerushalyim. then how dare the american goverment take them to task over this, and truth be told how can anybody broker a peace policy which entails racist policies, like not allowing jews to live in certain areas, doesnt such a policy go against any chance of peace? I mean what kind of peace can exist when your new friend is exempt from living near you? to me it sounds more like seperation, but certainly not peace. and so the entire policy of washington is hypocritical and fake, baring in mind that syria who does non stop defiance to america and is forever kissing up to iran but how does hilary and obama react? Oh they just appointed a new ambassador to that moronic country. Now with all due respect to senator shumer, I am sorry to say, but you must object to this policy in the most clearest way possible its an imperative, and since you didnt do it, and you just said we will protect israel, well my dear senator thats the same bluff hilary pulled over our eyes, she said just yesterday, we will be there for israel as always but what about the democracticly elected goverment of israel, and deeply worrying security situation regarding iran? Oh thats not so important how sickening and so senator shumer your full of bluff untill we hear exactly where you stand on this issue

  7. If we are to depend on Senator Schumer to act as our guardian, we are in trouble. He is willing to do anything for the sake of politics. Recall his hunting trip.

    May the Almighty avert the severe decree against the United States.

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