Senator-to-Be Booker to Officiate NJ Toeivah Weddings

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cory_bookerNew Jersey – Booker will be helping the toeivah movement.

Newly-elected to the U.S. Senate, Cory Booker is using his last days as Newark mayor as a chance to curry favor with the Democratic base by officiating weddings for same-gender couples. Shortly after a state Supreme Court ruling Friday paved the way for such unions, Booker’s office said he would begin marrying same-gender couples at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, the first moment they are allowed.

For more than seven years, Mayor Booker has refused all requests to officiate New Jersey marriages because same-gender couples have been denied that equal right,” spokesman James Allen said. “After today’s wonderful news, Mayor Booker is excited to marry both [regular] and [same gender] couples in City Hall on Monday morning beginning at 12:01 a.m.

Buzzfeed first reported Friday that Booker planned to begin overseeing the ceremonies right at the deadline by which a New Jersey judge had recently ruled the state must allow same-gender marriage.

“As a passionate advocate for marriage equality, Mayor Booker has long hoped to be able to marry same-[gender] couples in Newark City Hall,” Allen told TIME earlier Friday. “The city is currently ironing out some legal issues before determining the appropriate next steps.”

The state Supreme Court ruling took care of those issues, by denying Gov. Chris Christie’s request to stay the lower court’s ruling while his administration appeals it.

Booker, who won a special election for Senate on Tuesday and will take office in Washington later this year, is often mentioned as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. If he decided to launch a campaign, presiding over same-gender marriages at the first moment possible could prove a potent visual in a Democratic primary.

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  1. Hopefully he won’t be giving any “divrei torah” under the chuppah, although there’s a pasuk in Acharei Mos he might want to look up…..

  2. ????? ???? ????

    What value are ‘dvar Torahs’ from someone who doesn’t understand a simple Biblical verse that toeivah unions are an abomination? If he thinks he knows better than the Bible, I will pass on his so called ‘dvar Torahs’

  3. Disgusting,disgusting,disgusting.
    Anyone living in jersey better run as fast as his feet can carry him.
    Auggg I think i’m going to throw up !

  4. It is worthwhile to note that Monday will be the 17th day of MarChesvon which is the day that the mabul began-exactly 4118 years ago. The fact that our generation is R”L following in the ways of that generation should inspire all of us to set up our own individual “arks” so to speak.

  5. To those fools who voted for this guy: You will get what you deserve.

    When liberal values are more important to you than Torah values, this is what you get.

  6. Where did he learn this toeivah garbage from?

    Of what value are his ‘dvar Torahs’ when he doesn’t get a straight out open and closed Biblical verse about this kind of abomination?

  7. What has this world come to its a shutdown on morality. With out Torah there’s no end. And if anyone dare speak out against them your a “racist” or “how dare you take freedom away from people”.

  8. Booker was supported by numerous askanium in New Jersey’s Orthodox Jewish communities.

    I wonder what they have to say about this?

  9. America is descending with most of the West to its deserved utter destruction

    and the wicked ‘jews’ who foisted every step of this upon them will be destroyed (for which they will blame everyone but themselves)

    Remember ,Forever,You heard it here.

    The Moment of Reckoning is sooner than you imagine
    “Those who sow the wind,will reap the whirlwind”

  10. See Chaza”l on Jeremiah 2:13

    Lest one be misled by the fact that the judge ‘chalilah’ calls himself a practicing ‘jew’,

    one who never ever eats matzah, never wears tefillin and never davens but opposes this is absolutely more Orthodox than the other way around.

  11. Bereishis Rabba 26:5:
    Rabbi Huna in the name of Rebbi said, “the generation of the flood was not eradicated from the world until they wrote marriage contracts for homosexuality and bestiality.”

    So: (1) we know what’s next; and (2) we know the consequesnces.

    Hashem Yishmor.


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