Senior IDF Officer Removes ‘Shomer Shabbos’ Signs

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IDF Negev Training Base Commander Colonel Avi Motola ordered signs reminding soldiers to be Shomer Shabbos to be removed from all training base mess halls, reports Army Radio.

The signs read “Preserve Shabbos decorum; don’t smoke, turn on/off lights and air conditioners, or talk on cell phones in the dining room on Shabbos and holidays.”

The signs were placed by the military rabbinate in all training compound mess halls, serving about 10,000 soldiers.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. And they still have the chutzpah to force religious Jews into that anti-Torah G-dless army with secular girls as mashgiach of the kosher food.
    Kol hakavod for those protesting kavod Shamayim.

  2. And we still have sabbath. It might free up an eye from feeling regimented further. Sabbath is preserved by soul and dreaming day. Talk it to. The signs are armament. There is no problem by Torah.

  3. Oh yes. Correct. And we are supposed to close our Gemorah and join this godless army?! Let the chilonim who refuse to follow the Torah serve in the army and we’ll protect them with our Torah and Teffila.


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