Serving Food With Dignity For The Poor Of Eretz Yisroel

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-Communicated- Today’s recession has put thousands of families in an untenable position. Not poor enough to qualify for real aid, but unable to make ends meet. Without intervention, their fall into poverty is inevitable. Where conventional charity cannot help, Carmei Ha’ir steps in.

By virtue of its devoted volunteer crew, Carmei Ha’ir is distinguished by a restaurant atmosphere rather than a traditional soup kitchen, making its constituents feel dignified instead of ashamed. This open restaurant feeds thousands of the poor and hungry of Jerusalem daily…. and for Pesach they need so much more!

Together we can help our fellow struggling Jews give their families a memorable Pesach. But we need YOUR HELP!

Three generous philanthropists have pledged to quadruple your donation, for TODAY only! For every dollar that you give, Carmei Ha’ir will get $4, and be able to provide Yom Tov food for thousands of more Jews! Here’s the catch – it’s all or nothing! If we don’t reach our goal, we will lose everything!


Carmei Ha’ir is advocated by renowned rabbanim, including Rabbi Eli Mansour, who said that this extraordinary organization “fulfills this mission [of feeding the needy daily and on Pesach] impeccably.”

Stand with us to enhance the beauty of Pesach 5776, and allow us to bring the geula that much sooner.



  1. wonderful how about finding some work and avoiding participating in the economy;;help yourself then Adonai will help you


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