‘Shalit Sukkah’ Set Up Near UN Headquarters in Geneva


shalit-sukkahThe Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) and Jewish organizations set up a protest tent on Sunday outside the UN’s headquarters in Geneva, demanding that the Red Cross visit IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in Gaza and submit a report on the conditions of his captivity.

The groups are calling on the Red Cross to impose sanctions on Hamas if it refuses to allow the visit.

Since the morning hours, organizers asked passersby to sign a petition supporting sanctions against the Islamist group in case it denies the Red Cross access to the soldier, who was kidnapped into Gaza on June 25, 2006.

The Jewish groups are planning to hold a mass rally in Geneva on Tuesday.

Caleb Meyers, legal adviser for JIJ, said, “It is time to end the double standard of the Red Cross and the UN Human Rights Council, who on the one hand are investigating Israel and its citizens, and on the other hand are providing aid to the terrorist government in Gaza without requiring it to abide by international treaties.”

Gilad Shalit’s brother Yoel is expected to arrive in Geneva to take part in the rally.

Meanwhile, the soldier’s parents, Noam and Aviva, attended a support rally in Afula. Later, Noam Shalit told Ynet, “The price issue is the only thing preventing a (prisoner exchange deal).

“The life of a flesh and blood soldier has become something to be merely bought and sold in the Middle Eastern bazaar,” he said.



  1. Let’s see how much media coverage this story gets around the world. I’m guessing it’ll probably amount to as much media coverage as the Shalit story itself got which is not much at all. Anyways, good job guys! Keep the pressure on!


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