Shame on the Neturei Karta

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matzav_networkBy Rabbi Yosef Shubert,

Credit is due to Rafi G. of Life in Israel for standing up for kavod haTorah and protesting the bizayon of talmidei chachomom. I join Rafi G. in expressing my dismay and will utilize some of his thoughts in standing up for kavod haTorah.

By now, Yidden around the globe know that the Bostoner Rebbe, Rav Levi Yitzchok Horowitz zt”l, passed away this past Shabbos. The Rebbe was a warm and compassionate person, a leader of Yiddishkeit in many areas and various realms in which he was involved, and he commanded respect around the world for his integrity. His flock will surely miss him, as will all of Klal Yisroel.

The Neturei Karta put out a statement announcing his death as well. (Allow me to point out that I feel uncomfortable referring to these people as “Neturei Karta,” since I feel they have hijacked the name and have used it to do and say things that the founders of Neturei Karta decades ago would never have done or said. Be that as it may, since they are commonly referred to by this name, I will refer to them as such here, but this clarification should be noted.)

Their Neturei Karta statement – which apparently was not published on their website but was publicized via other means – is one that is mevazeh talmidei chachomim. They can argue with the Rebbe and disagree with his approach. Different people and different groups can have different opinions and styles. Disagreeing is legitimate.

What is not legitimate is denigrating a great person, or anybody for that matter, just because he does not follow your way.

The Neturei Karta statement said that the Rebbe was a Zionist who promoted and supported the rebellion against the world nations and also said Hallel on their holiday, “which was a curse and blaspheme against the One Who created the world.”

The statement included the following:

“Upon his death, all the impure media of the Aguda broke out in cries and wails – how fortunate are those who fear God and are faithful to the Torah and do not get impressed by the various titles of human honor, and we breathe easier for the loss of that old Apikorus dressed in the clothes of an Admor. And upon the downfall of an enemy we should rejoice.

Whoever penned these vile words will undoubtedly be punished from Above for mocking a gadol b’Yisroel, a man who gave his very life to Hashem, the Torah and his fellow Yidden.

It is important that we protest the words of the Neturei Karta denigrating the Bostoner Rebbe zt”l.

May he be a meilitz yosher for all of Klal Yisroel and continue to serve as a source of inspiration for growth in Torah and avodah just as he did all his life.

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  1. Ignore them. I do not consider myself to be uninformed, yet I didn’t know anyone said anything negative until I saw this piece. If the macha’ah brings the zilzul to the attention of more people, is it really worth it?

  2. They are not Jews. They have more love for Achmedinajad than any jew. There venom and hatred is on par with Hamas? Why give them the publicity? Would you publish every statement from anti semites out there? These animals will rot in gehennom

  3. Rabbi Shubert:

    1. Yasher Koach for the disclaimer indicating these who call themselves Neturei Karta are in fact fakes, and have nothing to do with the real true Tzaddikim who founded the Neturei Karta.

    Nevertheless, perhaps it is still best to call them the “so-called NK”, since they in fact are not the true NK.

    2. Since you say the writer of the Press Release being mevaze the Bostoner Rebbe ZT’L was NOT published on this groups website, how are you even certain it is coming from the same people who call themselves NK?

  4. why on earth repeat it here. no body knows nobody heard just make a general protest.
    I protest for kovod hatorah and ask that you take this down and rewrite it without all the foolish quotes.

  5. The problem with these meshugaim is related to the reality that the sensationalism
    generated by their agitation attracts media
    coverage. Thus, “makhen zakh nisht vissendik”
    is no option. (That’s a Kheshbon—klah-pay

    In addition, vocal opposition is important for unzere Makhaneh as well. In this
    case, unwarranted passivity serves only to
    encourage these meshugaim.

  6. You are playing into the hands of these misguided imbeciles by publicizing their idiotic statements. This is what they crave the most – publicity & acknowledgement, even if it’s not complimentary.
    The best thing is just to ignore this handful of poor souls and they’ll eventually die out, they’re obviously not gaining too many new members to their cult.

  7. Who said they even wrote this? Where did you see it? Who signed it? What ‘other means’ was it published on? Why are you bringing unsubstatiated news to the matzav website?

  8. As a Bostoner Chossid for over 30 years I can attest that the Rebbe, ZT”L NEVER said hallel on any day other than the days proscribed in the Shulchan Aruch etc. Yom Tov, Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh.



  10. Boston does not say Tachanun on Hay Iyaar. Just as this that they spread is a lie IY”H the truth about other such nonsense should become apparent.

  11. Why are you reporting this garbage? I wouldn’t of known this if not for you. Why are you legitimizing them by publishing this?

  12. NYJ the signs are hanging all over Geula, Beis Yisroel and Meah Shearim.

    #10 As a ex resident of Har Nof and one who attended shiurim at Boston, there were 2 occasions was the Rebbe decided not to say Tachanun on Hay Iyar, that is probably what they are refering to.

  13. I don’t believe they put out the statement. Anyone could of put out a false statement in their name.

    If it was an official statement from them, it would be on their website.

  14. An “official” statement? By who? There’s no official anything. They are a fringe group.
    And for your info, there are signs stating these things against the rebbe hanging all over yerushalayim here. and i got the same email with the same ridiculous slander about the Rebbe zechuso yogein aleinu. and it is important to bring this out to the public. for those who didn;t know before, good for you. but for those who did, like myself and half of yerushalayim, finally we are getting a machaah on the rebbe’s kavod!!

  15. It is shocking that there are such
    illiterate individuals.

    Whether they like it or not Israel
    is here to stay. The existence of Israel
    as home of the Jewish People constitutes
    the will of Almighty God.

  16. these farbranta yidden are lowlife scum who regardles of what they think have no share of olom habah.They should be put in Cherem by the Gedolai Hadoer


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