Sharpton: Limbaugh and Hannity Pollute the Political Conversation


sharpton1Head rabble rouser  Rev. Al Sharpton praised a report that conservative radio commentators Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity might be dropped by a major broadcaster, calling it a potential boon to President Barack Obama.

“News from inside the right-wing talk radio bubble,” Sharpton said, referring to POLITICO’s report that Cumulus plans not to renew deals with pair. “It’s the talk that pollutes the political conversation and undermines the president’s agenda, but the president might be closer to winning the fight for ideas in this country.”

Playing some examples of what he called “ugliness” from each radio host, Sharpton said on his MSNBC show that the radio shows have had consequences in the national political debate.

“We’ve seen this ugliness go from the airwaves to the Halls of Congress, and we’ve seen lawmakers on the right refuse to denounce this kind of talk,” Sharpton said. “So what would a radio shake-up mean for the president’s vision? And could the extremism fever break as a result of this?”

Sharpton’s guests, Joy Reid and David Brock, agreed that the move could be a victory for Democrats, saying Limbaugh and Hannity were architects of the Republican Party since 2012 and that taking them off the air would be like chopping off the head of the GOP.

Read more: POLITICO

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  1. Sharpton is nothing more then a empty suit. Which university did sharp ton attend? None sharp ton attended the street corner milk carton university what a fool he is


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