Sharpton: “The Longer Injustices In Policing Remain Unaddressed, The Longer They Fester”

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Talk show host and pastor Al Sharpton says that the “The longer injustices in policing remain unaddressed, the longer they fester.”

Sharpton penned an Op-Ed piece for addressing the state of race relations and law enforcement in America. Sharpton said: “I do not condone violence from any side; no police killings of people and no killing of police officers. The objective is to stop police misconduct – not to kill police. We need proper policing in the US, not criminalisation of entire groups of people or movements.”



  1. I am disappointed today that I can not yet find an Al Sharpton bobble head to buy for my collection. Such ignorant fame must be memorialized!

    I do already have Sarah Palin and Nixon. They are funny.

  2. Why is this dog allowed to have free face time on your website? This dog is responsible for so many deaths, mostly black. He is an evil man and should be shunned by the public.

  3. I saw a picture of Hillary marching with this anti Semite al Sharpthon in the ny “pride” parade. It’s ok for hillery to march with haters of Jews. Where are the liberal Jews. They are only busy knocking Trump.


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