Shas’ Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah Publish Letter Against Amsalem

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chaim-amsalemA letter written by Rav Ovadia Yosef criticizing MK Chaim Amsalem for his “strange and heretical opinions” and calling for him to return his mandate to Shas appeared in the party’s newspaper Miyom Leyoim today.

“The Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah met with great sorrow [to discuss] the words of Chaim Amsalem, who opened his mouth about our dear yeshiva students who…save the whole world with their Torah,” the letter, which is signed by the Council of Torah Sages, reads.

“He cooked this dish in public in order to find favor in the eyes of those who hate Torah,” it continues. “He, as a teacher, is kicking his rabbis. He is added to our troubles – peasants and haters of Torah sages – and caused a desecration of God’s name.”

The letter “demands from Mr. Amsalem, according to the Torah’s law, to return his mandate to Shas…If he does not return it, he is a thief.”

Earlier in the week, Amsalem refused to return his mandate, despite being told to do so by Rav Yosef and his own rov, Rabbi Meir Mazuz.

The letter calls the MK “Mr. Amsalem,” although he is a rabbi, and was previously addressed as such by Shas.

“Whoever cares about Torah should stay from this man…and from his strange and heretical opinions,” the letter said, implying that Amsalem is excommunicated. “May God bring him back to religion and heal him.”

The letter was signed by members of the Council of Torah Sages, and Mazuz added a message that “we already revealed our opinion that we have no part or connection with him.”

Key to Amsalem’s approach, and perhaps what is most problematic to his party’s line, is his call on those who aren’t destined to be great Torah scholars and who have families to work, and not live on “shameful” allotments.

The recent proposed amendment to the economic arrangements bill that would provide special support to poor avreichim has yet to be approved.



  1. The current situation is not sustainable (in Israel as well as in the US). It is also open to fraud as we have seen in the news lately. His crime is that he used a 4-letter word – “WORK”. Not only IS he a Rabbi – he is also a realistic and smart one as well. B”H there is someone thinking clear and straight. We need tough leadership in these tough times. Let’s get real!

  2. Your right however you dont go up against gedolei hador. You can try to revolutionize a different way. Better not revolutionize than causing a huge hillul hashem and hillul rabonim.

  3. #4 Dovid —

    Chacham Hagon Rav Ovadia Yosef shlit”a, HIS OWN DAAS TORAH AND GADOL, has ordered him out of the Kenesset — so that most certainly is NOT his place.

  4. As if we don’t have enough enemies already – now we have to fight each other (again). Why don’t we wise up, put away the knives, and learn to work together? After all, the Second Beis HaMikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinam – but if you had asked the people at the time, they would have had wonderful reasons for hating each other.

  5. I see we are the silent majority that believe the current way is not good, and our lifestyle has to change, we cant go on being told that we cant get an education and go out to work it doesn’t make any sense and we shouldn’t tolerate that.

  6. these education ministers should be thrown out of the knesset if anyone
    A new program to teach Arabic language and culture to all Jewish children in Israel’s north – as a means of promoting closer ties between Jews and Arabs – could lead to an increase in the already alarming rate of intermarriage, warn activists who have been combating the problem.

    The program, which was launched this September, requires all schools in the ministry’s northern district to offer two hours a week of instruction in Arabic language, culture and tradition. Fifth graders in all state and state-religious schools will be taught by Arab instructors and Jews who have received special training.

    “This will contribute to a deeper awareness and understanding of the Arabic heritage and will promote coexistence, living together, tolerance and friendship between the various student populations in the north,” wrote Dr. Orna Simchon, head of the northern district, in a letter to school principals.

    However, while the Education Ministry is keen on promoting better understanding among Jewish children of Arabic culture and tradition, it refuses to consider proposals to promote understanding of Jewish culture and tradition.

  7. #2 the beast, you named yourself on par with your knowledge of the workings of the world.
    Buddy, learn 1 thing and learn it fast, you dont mess with gedolim.
    you have such a mundane, idiotic understanding of how the world runs and you go shoot your mouth off as if your so intelligent.
    I might not always think the same way as the gedolim, but i know that they know much better and therefore go with what they say. And if you would stop a minute to think about youd relize that this is not just blind following, but very logical.
    But if you think your so smart, go join the “conform” and “reservative” (reform/ conservative) movements, their made for those type of guys.


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