Shas: Netanyahu Is On Collision Course Against Chareidim

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netanyahu2Chareidi community leaders are preparing to organize a massive protest demonstration in response to Sunday’s announcement that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Vice Prime Minister and Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz agreed to establish a team to hash out the new universal draft law (the replacement to the Tal Law), which has adopted most of the Plesner Committee recommendations to redistribute the sharing of the service burden.

According to Sunday’s reports, the new law will seek to include the ultra-Orthodox and Arab-Israeli sectors into military and national service. The law is expected to limit the number of men studying in yeshiva and the funding for their studies, requiring most charedi youth to serve the country.

At this point, potential legislation has only largely been discussed between politicians and public figures, and has not yet been approved by leading rabbonim.

One leader in the charedi sector has promised that if the Plesner Committee recommendations are adopted, “Israel will see a demonstration like it has never seen before.” The leader also added that Shas and United Torah Judaism, the two ultra-Orthodox parties in the Netanyahu’s coalition, will join forces to oppose the new law.

A top official in the Shas party told Army Radio that Netanyahu is “on a collision course,” as he defines it, against the charedim. He said that, “We [already] agreed to a proposal that they never dreamed we would accept, but Netanyahu has been dragged off track by Kadima and seems to want bloodshed.”

Army Radio also reported increased tension in a number of yeshivos. Yeshivos around the country responded to a call on Sunday from Rav Ovadia Yosef, who instructed yeshivas to call off bein hazemanim. He ordered them to learn and add “Avinu Malkenu” to davening.

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  1. Unity and vision is required in the State of Israel. The camp must not split into various groups who at best will not talk with each other, and at worst who are at each other’s throats. There is a peaceful way forward on this issue.

    Prayers for the State of Israel.

  2. The Gemarah says in Sanhedrin “mai apikores? haomer mai hanai lee rabanon”. Those who learn Torah-uninterupted by military service, are serving the state to the highest degree. Besides, a Yid has to seve the Ribono Shel Olam & his fellow Jews-not the state.

  3. it is time for us frum yidden to leave israel and move to america until moshiach or else those who hate torah will keep harassing us. just move here and we call all learn torah together and let the smart people in the knesset figure out the whole situation there themselevs

  4. Hi Adam:
    Is this the way for Jewish people to keep on chopping pieces off the Torah for the sake of peace with the ????? ????

  5. Prayers for mashiach!! The state of israel is just a government created by a group of outcast zionist who grabbed power by force

  6. We need to understand that Almighty is our sole protection as much as we might think that army is important but the true protection and success of every one of us including Army is from G-d only. Therefore we need to raise our Torah learning to come to understand him and believe him, we do not need to require every one to serve in the army to serve the country, one could serve his country through learning and teaching Judaism.

  7. Having frum people in the army is theoretically a positive idea. That’s the way it always was, from Moshe through David through the Chasmonaim.

    Instead of objecting to the concept of military service altogether, thereby angering the rest of the country, the charedim should spell out their “conditions” for agreement.

    At the minimum, this strategy will deflect some of the contempt leveled against them by creating the perception that they would be happy to “share the burden” provided that it does not conflict with their religious convictions.

  8. aak, unfortunately that would require a minimum degree of trust that the higher ups will keep their word. This whole brouhaha is an attempt to go back on the solemn word and written agreement given by Ben Gurion when the state was established.

  9. AAK (#10) – 100%

    Weren’t we all Chareidim serving Hashems army in biblical times? Why can’t this be accomplished now?

  10. But this whole Mdina was forced upon us, our Gedolim did not approve of its creation, and the taxes we’ve been paying mostly for secular needs is not exactly the signs of fairness either. So why can’t we defer from army service? Never mind the hatred of God that exists by plenty of the commandos in the army.
    And even if this was the path Charedim took, and our leaders did happen to approve of it, then why isn’t there a sincere effort, and interest in recruiting Charedim with interest in respecting their needs. Why are the Charedims right, religious needs violated time and time again? How absurd and ridiculous that a country where the secular majority screams day and night about how the Charedim are parasites, and they only take but don’t give, so we finally have recruits, some Charedim decided to contribute, but their religious needs are just trampled upon, is this normal? Does anybody not see through the real intentions here?

  11. To Hudy:
    Even if you were correct in that all of Klal Yisroel served in the army in biblical times – an assertion which happens not to be correct, beacuse at the very minimum 1/12 of the entire Jewish People did not (shevet Levi) – there is no way to compare an army overseen by, say, Dovid haMelech and run completely according to Hashem’s word, to the IDF today.

    To aak:
    Been there, done that. There are chareidim in the army. And the conditions agreed upon to allow them to serve get broken time and again by higher-ups in the IDF. What the government wants now is to conscript the vast majority of yeshiva bachurim from age 18 or maximum 20. They know very well that that is something the chareidi community cannot and will not do.


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