Shivyon Banetel – An Emunah-Based Response

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bentzion-kokisBy Rabbi Ben Tzion Kokis

The movement to draft bnei Torah in Eretz Yisroel, under the banner of shivyon banetel, “sharing the burden,” has sent tremors throughout our world. And rightfully so: Any threat to the independent character of yeshivos, and the authority of their leaders to dictate the terms of Torah chinuch, is indeed a mortal blow.

What is our response? Is there a counter-attack that we, as a community of ma’aminim bnei ma’aminim, can mount?

The instinct to condemn the “memsheles zadon,” the “government of iniquity,” which brought about this crisis is instinctive. It also fits right in with the political landscape through which the insidious legislative process is unfolding.

However, there is another dimension to this struggle, which may have transformative power. Drawing upon it will also enable us to speak in our own voice, rather than the acrimony that is bred in the context of political confrontation. Rather than just reacting to our detractors, we can set the terms of the discussion and speak with the strength that flows from the deepest sources of our identity. We can speak about emunah.

Let us step back for a moment and attempt to look at the broader panorama. Read the full article here.

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  1. Yes yes. I said this idea to many in EY, and they all say that we are in Golus in the hands of the many Askonim and writers etc. If the conversation on the media would be handled by Rav Neugrashel and the like, the whole country would look different.

  2. There is clearly a price to being a jew in a society where Israel is not at peace with its neighbors. It is not your fault you live in the Holy Land unless you moved there yourself. And if you want to be clear on your obligation, think that G-d is Real and might be very unhappy if you continue to pass over the right of Jews to live in the Holy Land in order to maximize your studies. If this is true, no matter how much you study day and night, you will not be invited to the inner circles of Heaven because you were avoiding a Trust in Hashem that requires a new way of life in the military for a short time.

    Either you believe in Hashem or you do not. If you do, you should be very worried that your obstinance might be a detriment to your Torah Blessings.

    Or else, move to a nation where you can study without being a participant in the Armed Forces.


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