Shmorg 2: Didn’t Get It Yet?


shmorg2A Message from Oorah:

We at Oorah understand how the tzibbur has anticipated the release of our Shmorg 2 DVD, both from past years and now this year, especially after our extensive ad campaign. The entertainment, educational and fun factors make it a very valuable pre-Pesach commodity.

This year, however, although we sent the Shmorg just about three weeks ago, there are many people who haven’t yet received it even though they were donors. We have even had some donors come to our headquarters in Lakewood, asking where their DVD was, as their Auction entries were sent in long ago! We told them, and are passing it on to you, that once we mail any materials out of the building, their timely delivery is at the mercy of the postal system.

For those who are supposed to receive the Shmorg 2 but didn’t yet, we urge you to call your local post office to inquire where your DVD is. If they ask for a description, mention that it is red with yellow lettering. This might help to speed up the process of delivery. We hope that this will yield results for all of our patient donors, and we wish everyone a chag kosher ve’sameyach!

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