Shocking: Three Corona Deaths In One Jerusalem Family

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Twelve devastated children gathered at the Sanhedria cemetery last night to mourn the passing of their father, 48-year-old Rav Menashe Schiff. Schiff lost his life to coronavirus complications.


The Schiff family has been shaken not once or twice, but three times in the last month: The Rav’s father, Rav Yosef Schiff, passed away from the same virus as well. Rav Yosef’s wife, the matriarch of a large family, was so shaken by the news of his passing that she, suffering from COVID as well, had a heart attack upon hearing the news and passed away as well. The triple death has left the Schiffs deeply shaken.


Rav Menashe’s wife is now left to raise 12 children alone, without her husband or in-laws. It is a daunting, seemingly impossible task. An emergency fund started for the family paints a heartbreaking portrait of grief:


“This chag was the deepest pain I have ever felt in my life. I sat in a shiva home with a house full of kinderlach, tears streaming down our faces. Life will never be the same.”


Their pain is palpable.


Emergency funds are being raised for Mrs. Schiff and her twelve children, to help them survive this tremendously challenging time.




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