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rubashkin2In a letter sent to the Aleph Institute, Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin laments the forsakenness felt by those languishing in the prison system, and thanks Aleph for helping combat it with their “personal caring manner.”

Dear Aleph Personnel,

In appreciation for all that you are, your caring, love and devotion, and all that you do for your fellow Jew, THANK YOU.

I am saying it in the singular sense because you always do it with the caring of an individual.

Even though there are many individuals doing the many tasks Aleph needs to do, they are all done in a personal caring manner.

When one finds himself in prison, it’s not by choice. The Truth about Prisons is that they are used to place people that society wants to forget and wish they would disappear. This is a very unfortunate attitude, because there are real live people here. People that are as alive and with feelings as all those that are not in prison. I use the word prison and prisoner, so that there is no misleading description of what is really happening here. So that there is an accurate description to what damage the prisoner receives in prison. This is magnified due the Unusual long sentences given in the United States. There are many family people here that are forcibly separated from those who they love and are loved.

The healthy mental state of mind of the prisoner is so important, not only to himself. It is important also to those family members that are not in prison and need to know that their loved one are being allowed to stay in touch with what is holy to them. Aleph gives each and every Jew in prison the ability to be heard and helped in areas that would be lost in the rush of the work day. They help realize the ability of religious rights. so many things are done for Jewish prisoners by Aleph.

Starting with the basic need for a Jew in prison, which is the ability to eat kosher food, to the spiritual fulfillment of Toirah and Mitzvohs and the ability to celebrate Holidays which we hold so dear. Through the help of Aleph we can lead a healthy spiritual life, which translates to a healthy physical mind and soul. Looking forward to the day we can finally be reunited with our loved ones.

Baruch Hashem there is Aleph. The letter Aleph is constructed by making a dot on the top a dot on the bottom and a line that connects the two. Like the Letter, Aleph shows, you are the concerned people that are able to connect the person that is separated from his family and religion. A Aleph is a Face on top and a Face on the bottom that are separated only to be connected by the Line of Toirah and Mitzvos, that are made possible thru the Love and help from all of you.

So with Hashem’s help I want to say it in three simple words that really are meant to describe the universe.

With much love.

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

sent via corrlinks, a prison email system

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  1. whats a difference, are you intersted in helping or only criticizing? shame on you, what is it your business how much they raise and get paid, if you want you can also join the fundraisning business, after all ALEPH did what barely any other organizations did, with exception of Rabbi Lipschuts form monsey


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