Shomrim Want BP Shooter Locked Up for Life


bp-shomrim-hikindThe violent man who shot four members of a private Jewish security patrol remained hospitalized as leaders of the group called on authorities to lock the man up for life.“He deserves to stay in jail for the rest of his life,” said Simcha Bernath, coordinator of the Borough Park Shomrim.

Two of the patrol members were still hospitalized yesterday, while the other two were released.

David Flores, 33, was in stable condition at Lutheran Medical Center being treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the hand suffered in the Thursday night clash in Brooklyn.

Cops say the security patrol was tailing Flores after getting a report of a man acting inappropriately in front of children. They saw him get out of a car on 46th St. near 10th Ave. in Borough Park around 7:30 p.m. They chased him and then tried to disarm him when Flores whipped out a gun.

Mordechai Pearl, 28, and Avrohom Kaztow, 54, who were hit once in the hand, were released from the hospital yesterday. Motty Brunner, 28, who was hit in the neck, and Yoel Klein, 27, who was hit in the stomach – remained hospitalized in stable condition.

“They’re very brave,” witness Meir Schwartz, 20, said of the patrol. “They did it for the community.”

Flores has nine prior arrests and pleaded guilty in January to public lewdness. He was waiting to be arraigned on charges last night.

The Shomrim, a licensed unarmed group, has been patrolling frum neighborhoods in Brooklyn for more than two decades.

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  1. the Shomrim should be well and have many blessings.
    This sick man does not have any right to be on the street any more than a house that has unsafe violations. He is sick he is unsafe and he is a sick criminal. He could hurt anyone’s children G-d forbid.


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