Shop and Save Families

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It may look like we’re out of the red zone. The store fronts aren’t shuttered anymore, and the avenue is, once again, bustling.

But many stores are still in the red.

During the weeks of shutdown, when they couldn’t shop local, the community began relying on corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart. Local stores are feeling the effects. They’re struggling.

Local business is the financial infrastructure of a community. When they go under, they store owners no longer have the means to pay tuition at local schools, for their bill at local grocery stores, or their rent to a local landlord. Like a domino effect, it quickly ripples throughout the entire community.

The initial lockdown forced businesses to shut down during some of the busiest seasons of the year. For many establishments, those few weeks amount to a large portion of their yearly income. With little to no income, businesses were left struggling to cover rent, merchandise costs and overhead.

The months that followed were laden with uncertainty including sudden closures, fines, sheriffs, DOB, upticks, etc.

With little stability, these businesses are at their final straw. 100s of families depend on these incomes to survive — and without our support — they are in danger of closing their doors for good.

Our community must band together and save Boro Park businesses from collapse. Shopping local will not only infuse the economy of our community but will support countless families in a dignified way.

Our community store owners are hurting. Let’s show them we care.

Shop local. Save lives.

A campaign — initiated by BPJCC and sponsored by Breadberry, Toys4U, Eichlers, and BP24 —- is calling the community to action.

Instead of funding large corporations, let’s support Boro Park families. Let’s shop local and keep the money where our house is.


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