Shtreimel Gemach in Beit Shemesh


Added to the endless list of chareidi gemachim is a new shtreimel gemach opened by Rav Avrohom Eizenbach of Beit Shemesh, who said that it comes in handy for people who forget or lose their shtreimels on buses or flights.

People most commonly use his gemach on yomim tovim when their baggage is misplaced on flights or after Lag Ba’omer when they forget shtreimels in Meron. Occasionally, people borrow shtreimels for special occasions.

{ Israel News Bureau}


    • so you dont wear a shtreimel ????!!!
      but you dont need to tell everyone.
      also please spread the word
      so that others will join in this wonderfull
      idea & more shtreimel
      gmachs will open in other places


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