Shuls and Jewish Stores Among Targets Vandalized by ‘George Floyd’ Rioters


Congregation Beth Israel in the Fairfax district in Los Angeles was vandalized with graffiti reading “Free Palestine” as protests against the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis swept the city, JTA reports.

The Kehillas Yaakov shul in Los Angeles, led by Rav Gershon Bess, was also vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti, and the same day, the window of a shul in Richmond, Virginia, was smashed during riots.

Another shul damaged in LA was Tiferes Tzvi in Fairfax.

A number of kosher restaurants, bakeries and stores were ransacked by protesters, looting much of the merchandise and causing extensive property damage. The stores impacted include Ariel Glatt Kosher Market, Mensch Bakery & Kitchen, and Syd’s Pharmacy & Kosher Vitamins.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Antifa, had nothing to do with the reason or the theme of the protests were the organizers and antagonizes. Antifa is a Terrorist organization funded by George Soros.

  2. When Shuls are abandoned and neglected by the misyavnim/erev rav under the guise of “Vinishmartem”, they lose their shmira. They lose their siyata dishmaya. The shchina has left. It’s just an empty building. They brought this tzara upon themselves. This Tisha bi’av, if the geula hasn’t come yet, these Shul members have what to cry about. Nebach. The baal habatim have taken over Yiddishkeit.

    • Vos Draystu A Kop?
      Have you not noticed that 100’s r”l of yidden, including yerayim u’shlaymim have died? Between my wife and myself we have r”l lost three otherwise healthy uncles. Another 3 siblings were hospitalized, one on a respirator for weeks. B’derech nes they have B’H recovered. Where do you think these people caught it? At a beach?
      Why are you being motzee laaz on yidden?

  3. Liberals screamed that jails needed to be emptied out because of covid19.

    Wow. An abundance of freed criminals with nothing to do. Oh there’s a riot? Sounds like a great opportunity!


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