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yaakov-ostreicherThe following petition has been submitted to the White House. You may sign the petition by clicking on the link below.

The text reads:


Exercise the powers vested in you to see to it that Jacob Ostreicher, a US citizen, is freed from Bolivia.

Jacob Ostreicher, an American, has been suffering in a Bolivian prison for more than 11 months. He is being held without a shred of evidence.

On 09/23/2011, the judge ordered his release based on evidence submitted by the defense, just days later the same judge reversed his decision and was promoted. A new judge resigned after 5 scheduled hearings.

We expect that in times of need, our government will be serious about, adamant enough, and powerful enough, to provide its citizens protection and asylum.

In your capacity as President of the U.S., we urge you to exercise the powers vested in you, to see to it that Jacob does not spend another day in this anarchic prison

With all avenues having been exhausted, it is up to you, Mr. President to make sure an innocent man walks free.

Click here to sign the petition.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I really don’t understand this. Mr. Obama is president of the United States, not Bolivia. He can’t give orders to Bolivia about how to handle a legal case. We have no significant ties with Bolivia, which is located in the center of South America – south and east of Brazil, if you check your map. How can he dictate to another sovereign country how to enforce the laws? Do you think the United States rules the world? Trying to bring pressure this way will only make the Bolivian government feel it needs to assert its national status by continuing to jail Mr. Ostreicher.

    The petition should be sent to the government of Bolivia, worded respectfully, requesting a review of the case.


  2. Mrs. Oldtimer,

    It takes a minute to sign and a few minutes when you kvetch. Just sign and ask questions later. Gotta do what we have to do. Talking to the Bolivian Government is like trying to talk to Fidel Castro… If you want to try, try…

  3. If President Obama is our friend (as he claims), why has he not pardoned Jonathan Pollard and Sholom Rubashkin, as so many distinguished Americans have urged him to do, considering their extremely harsh sentences and the questionable tactics of the prosecution in both cases?

  4. Correction: South and WEST of Brazil. Sorry about that – I should have checked the map myself before hitting “send.” The countries most likely to be able to pressure Bolivia are Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. They would be the logical addresses for third-party petitions.

  5. we don’t know what will happen with this petition but high numbers will show the family how klal yisroel cares!

    please vote!!!

  6. Why does a petition to the President for the release of a fellow Jew have to be written in such insolent, “in your face” language?
    “We expect that in times of need..”

    If you need him, how about talking in a respectful, tone, that may encourage him to help?

  7. #5 – What makes you think that signing a petition to the US government is going to make a difference to the Bolivian government in La Paz? They couldn’t care less. Almost half of their exports go to their neighbor Brazil, only 12% to the US. Imports come largely from Brazil and Argentina. Defense issues? Forget it. They have no reason to pay us the least bit of attention. Check the CIA World Factbook online to get more details than you would ever want. 🙂

    I repeat: THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT RUN THE WORLD. It’s a big planet, there are lots of other people and countries out there, and they don’t need us to protect them against the Soviet Union any more. The 20th Century is over. This is the 21st Century, and the rules are changing.

  8. To Oldtimer:

    1)If you saw the WSJ today you would see that Bolivia is in desperate need to increase their trade with other countries; imprisoning business people doesn’t help their cause. 2)We also provide financial aid to Brazil through USAID 3) Its a great idea; why don’t you start petitions to those countries; we will all gladly sign them 4)the President and State Dept have an obligation to protect and assist US citizens abroad, just as we protect their citizens here. Its part of the State Dept’s “job description.” 5)Why don’t you just sign the petition?


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