SLIP? Obama in Africa: “I Visited Kenya as First American President to Come from Kenya”

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Barack Obama had a slip of the tongue in Kogelo, Kenya this past weekend, Gateway Pundit reports.

During a speech, Obama told the African audience he was from Kenya.

“Now, three years ago,” he said, “I visited Kenya as the first sitting American president to come from Kenya.”




    • Hard for you to believe the truth? Conspiracy, huh? How much longer will keep your head in the sand?
      And what do you say to this:
      “A booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as ‘born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.'”

      Actually, I’m surprised that Matzav – who generally reports from Fake News like The Hill, CNN and WaPo -would publicize this.

        • What kind of idiot believes anything on snopes who are not a “fact-checking” source for anything other than a paid propaganda site for the left? They are a joke. They have zero credibility. When you’ll finally get your head out of the sand, check it up yourself.

  1. ridiculous… Obama doesn’t speak without a clear script written by a team of writers that he reads of a teleprompter… he can’t “slip”

  2. Obama was elected because of the color of his skin. It had nothing to do with his qualifications. If he was white, he would be a Nanci Pelosi and no one east of California would vote for him.

  3. Who cares?
    He already has been president. And for what is worth, I think it is pathetic (and racist, but especially pathetic) that someone born outside the “motherland” or “fatherland” if you like, can not be POTUS. Any citizen should be able to be POTUS, if elected to office.

    • no problem. just change the constitution.
      (I dont know where he was from but for your specific point, US presidents ha e to be born in the US)

      • OK but Obama already has been president for two terms. It is way too late to discuss now whether he was born in the US. It is no longer relevant.

        • The relevance is he committed a crime and all laws signed by him are null and void. Relevance=Jail time
          Only a communist would advocate to allow foreign born people to be president. We are seeing the results of infiltration by foreigners who are pushing open borders, attacks on the bill of rights, and free stuff by those allowed hold government offices. The US born was to prevent a foreign country from sending agents over that would, if allowed, to achieve the highest office in the country.

  4. Try this: do a search (google) for “obama birth certificate” (images). Look carefully at the Kenya certificate (probably won’t come up first). Which look authentic, the Kenya one, or the Hawaii one? I dare Mr. Obama to allow his footprint be matched up with the baby footprint on the Kenya birth certificate. I even suspect that this “slip” was done quite on purpose – he is itching for a last laugh.


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