Sources: Rav Elyashiv Paskens Not to Visit Kosel on Shabbos Because of Cameras


rav-elyashiv-small-picAccording to sources close to Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the posek hador has ruled that Yidden should not visit the Kosel on Shabbos due to security cameras placed at the site, causing chillul Shabbos. The sources, according to reports, say that Rav Elyashiv holds that Yidden may not walk in the Old City due to automatic shots of passersby taken by the security cameras.

The matter has been re-discussed every few months. About half a year ago, those close to Rav Elyashiv, as well as police representatives and the rov of the Old City, Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl, agreed to install a “Shabbos lamp”, which would ensure that the software making the camera’s activity kosher is working, preventing chillul Shabbos.

However, according to a source involved in the discussions, a tighter supervision of the software’s kashrus was requested to ensure that there was no chashash of chillul Shabbos at all, and the police would not hear of it.

A Yerushalayim Police official claims the matter was rectified. “Following talks with [Rav Elyashiv’s] representatives and other representatives, a solution has been found and the problem has been solved.”

The sources close to Rav Elyashiv, however, have not issued an order cancelling the previous one so far and maintain that the cameras still present a problem of chillul Shabbos.

{Yair Israel}


  1. this is an issue of peseik raysha denicha leih – people like to be on camera, so unlike the issue of walking past an automatic lightbulb on shabbos(where the heter is to close one’s eyes, making it an issue of lo ichpas lei), here, there is a pesek reshah of effecting the electrcity in the camera – by being on screen, you are creating lights and making the lights go off on the screens the camera is attached to. This is a pesek raisha – plus, you want it to happen because there’s a hanaah of being filmed.
    that’s probably how the psak went – cant say for sure though.

  2. I dont understand what you mean “people like to be on camera”?
    maybe its “nicha lei” to have security cameras.
    but the picture of him is lechora “lo ipchas lei”

  3. Who are theses “sources”? If there were truly an issue of mass Chilul Shabbos why would we only hear a rumor from “anonymous sources”? Until Maran issues an actual p’sak, your post only causes needless confusion.

  4. Does anyone know of a written Teshuva authored by HaRav Elyashiv shlita that explains the Issur and the Heter of installing a “Shabbos lamp”, which would ensure that the software making the camera’s activity kosher is working, preventing chillul Shabbos?? The Teshuva can cause a better understanding of Hilchos Shabbos and is a more reliable means of communicating than simply “sources close to Rav Elyshiv” say it’s Assur. At least name the sources!!!!


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