SpaceX To Launch Prototype Mars Rocket This Week

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In the annals of history, “SN8” may be a moniker many space fans look back fondly on.

Next week, Elon Musk says his SpaceX company will attempt to fly its prototype Starship rocket – designed to one day take people to Mars – to its highest altitude yet.

Dubbed SN8, or serial number 8, this will also be the first flight of a Starship prototype with the nose cone attached on top, giving it a more finished look.

The launch will take place from Boca Chica in Texas, the location for SpaceX’s development and testing of its Starship vehicle.

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  1. Please update the thumbnail pic to show a more recent picture of starship.
    They have ditched the weights and installed the proper nose cone on the last couple of prototypes.


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