Spring Valley Man Sentenced For Route 59 ‘Road Rage’ Killing


Albert Gomez was sentenced Tuesday to 15 months to 4 years in state prison after pleading guilty to killing an infant in a stroller during a road rage incident in Monsey last summer.

Gomez,a 63-year-old Spring Valley man, became angry at a taxi cab driver and drove along the cab’s passenger side on Route 59 on June 26 and hit a mother, her 13- and 9-year-old daughters, and three-month old son, Mayer Braun. They were walking on the shoulder of the road, which has no sidewalk.

Braun died from his injuries less than two weeks later at Westchester Medical Center. Read more at LoHud.





  1. The taxi driver who triggered the road rage got nothing. The other day, a taxi from the same taxi company cut off a motorist about 100 yards from the site of the above described accidents. It’s easy and comfortable to blame the Goyim, but in Dinei Shomaym these drivers are guilty of being both accessory to murder and of chillul Hashem.


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