State Dept. Withholding 22 ‘Top Secret’ Hillary Emails, “Too Damaging” To Show

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The State Department has confirmed that it will not make public 22 of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails deemed by the intelligence community to be dangerous to national security efforts.

Two anonymous U.S. officials told Fox News that the emails are “too damaging” to be made public, and that the emails in question will be entirely withheld and not even released with redactions.

The State Department will also withhold 18 emails exchanged by Clinton and President Obama. A spokesperson said that they are not considered to be classified.

The State Department also said it is looking into whether Clinton’s emails were classified when they were sent. The Democratic presidential hopeful and her camp have maintained that none of the intelligence was classified at the time the former secretary of state shared it using her unsecured personal email server.

The State Department released a trove of Clinton’s emails late Friday. Read more at Fox News.




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