State Health Insurers Ask For Huge Rate Hike, Blame Trump

Health insurance document
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New York health insurers are requesting an average 24 percent hike to sell individual policies in 2019 under ObamaCare and they’re blaming President Trump’s repeal of the mandate requiring everyone have health care coverage as contributing to the increase.

Insurers are requesting a more modest 7.5 percent increase for the small group market.

“The individual mandate, a key component of the Affordable Care Act, helped mitigate against dramatic price increases by ensuring healthier insurance pools. Insurers have attributed approximately half of their requested rate increases to the risks they see resulting from its repeal,” said state Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo.

“Without the federal action, the average requested rate increase would be 12.1 percent.”


Read more at NY POST.



  1. Or in other words, they would have wanted to continue forcing low-risk patients to pay for high-risk patients.

    A tax by any other name smells just as bad.


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