State Rep. Bill Hager: Florida Jewish Voters Ready to Support Romney

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rep-bill-hagerOne of Florida’s most powerful voting blocs – its huge Jewish population – appears to be ready to throw its support to Mitt Romney given Barack Obama’s “behavior towards Israel, his setting aside of the prime minister,” according to influential Republican state representative Bill Hager.

“When [Obama] gave his apology tour in 2009 and visited a whole series of Islamic countries, he skipped Israel,” Hager, a lawyer and former math teacher who is up for re-election in District 89, told Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

“A number of the Jewish voters who, in the past, have supported Obama and, for that matter, supported the Democrat Party carte blanche — many of them are giving Obama a second analysis and a good share of them, at the end of the day, will come vote for Romney.

“[They will] vote for an approach that unequivocally provides that the United States has the back of Israel; that the United States will stand with Israel; that the United States will continue to take on Iran.

“Iran has said unequivocally that they want to eliminate Israel from the face of this earth – absolutely, unequivocally, unacceptable. We need a president that will stand with Israel, stand against Iran, take on Iran with respect its development of nuclear weapons.”

Hager, who prior to his election to the state house in 2010 served three terms on the Boca Raton City Council, also believes the state’s massive population of senior citizens should consider Romney as the candidate to best tackle the critical issues surrounding Medicare.

“It’s very simple and that is look at the facts. The Romney-Ryan plan in no fashion affects anybody on Medicare,” Hager said.

“In fact, the Ryan-Romney plan, the first point in time it would affect are those 50 or 55 in that particular range. So all of this nonsense about the Romney plan taking away from Medicare is in error.


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