State Weighs Rescinding Military Conscription Orders For Chareidi Yeshiva Students


idf-frum-soldierA response by the Attorney General to High Court petitions calling for the immediate conscription of charedi yeshiva students has raised suspicions that military orders sent out to charedi yeshiva students at the beginning of the year will now be rescinded.

Hundreds of conscription orders were sent to yeshiva students of the 1994 and 1995 cohorts, and many presented themselves at IDF recruiting offices Because the Ministry of Defense had instructed the IDF to issue the conscription orders, the High Court delayed hearing the petitions submitted for immediate conscription. However, the Attorney General’s response to the High Court’s request for an update indicates that the Defense Ministry is considering postponing the conscription of those who received conscription orders until after a new law is passed by the Knesset. Read more here.

{ Israel}


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