Statement By Women For The Wall: Women Of The Wall Has Proven Two Things Which They Previously Denied

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women-of-the-wallThe Western Wall Sit-In organized by the Women of the Wall has proven two things that the group has previously denied: that even its “religious” activities are political in nature, and that it does not represent Jewish women.

Women of the Wall initially called a sit-in, and its leader Anat Hoffman shot a video at the Wall in which she repeatedly referred to their sit-in and political action, not to learning. But when we and even some of their own supporters criticized holding a political activity at the Kotel, the group rapidly changed its tune, claiming that its members would be learning Torah instead. Yet this was soon exposed as another cynical political maneuver; in reality, they slept in sleeping bags at the Holy Site, in the middle of the plaza. This is the reverence that the so-called “Women of the Wall” have for the sacred remnant of the Holy Temple.

Even during the wee hours of the morning, women continued to stream to the site – not to support WOW, but on the contrary, in order to pray. At no time, not even at 4 AM, could Women of the Wall claim to represent the majority of women present. For most of the day they were outnumbered by more than (usually far more than) ten to one.

Those traditional women, from the Charedi and National Religious Communities alike, came, and continue to come, to the Kotel not for political purposes, but to pray for the speedy healing of the Sage HaRav Ovadia Yosef, the former Chief Rabbi. We, too, pray for his recovery. This is what the current plaza is for: for sincere prayer, not political action.

For those among the Women of the Wall who sincerely wish to pray in an alternate form: you need not come to the place used by those who revere tradition in order to pray at the Kotel. That is what Minister Bennett’s platform is there to provide – for a group far larger than Women of the Wall has ever mustered.

To our cherished sisters, we say: we pray you don’t decide to continue to fight. Please don’t continue to pray at the back of the plaza and then complain to the media about your “exile.” We urge you to re-evaluate whether refusal to dialogue and refusal to accept compromise is really the only way.

Women For the Wall is a grassroots movement of Jewish women, dedicated to ensuring that the Western Wall can be a place for all Jews to come and pray with respect and dignity.

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  2. Women of the Wall are like little Catholic School Girl. They want their little hands to be free to watch the race go about their own frown. And if you want to really see a little catholic girl cry, ask her what her name is in braille.

  3. For years I did not go to the Wall except on Shabbos because of the pushy collectors who wouldn’t let me daven .I found out that theywere mafia supported and not real collectors. Now, the fight is with a few feminists who have to thank US for giving them so much free publicity.Ignore them and just do your own thing. We have so many real problems why create another one that is not necessary. Don’t turn the WOW into martyrs.

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  5. #6 how do you know if they are Jewish or not one thing if for shure they are fools and make a fool out of them self . It was reported several week ago that they
    Get funded by the famous Jew haters Soros.

  6. Women of the Wallnuts are mostly Reform or just plain nuts, but that’s an oxymoron.

    These REFORMers just don’t get it!!

    Sometime in the mid 1800’s some whackadoodles, Jews who were tired and/or ashamed of Judaism (today we call them self-hating Jews) decided to Reformulate the Jewish religion so that it would be more to their liking. First they did away with Jewish tradition. Then they threw out Halacha along with the Torah. Then some decided that you don’t have to believe in G-D. Then they made up their own religion of social “justice” based on their misinterpretation of “Tikun Olam” and they called their newly formulated religion “Reform Judaism”. Every year the self proclaimed leaders of this phony group get together at a ‘convention’ to decide what new laws will be enacted and what old laws will be tweaked so that it conforms to their way of doing business…….Oh, I mean religion.

    Unfortunately, the Reform leaders – men, women and transvestites alike, who call themselves Rabbi’s, lie to their followers & congregants. They tell them that “G-d didn’t write the Torah, men & women wrote the Bible” & “Those stories from the Torah are fables” & “You don’t have to eat only kosher or observe Shabbos – Those are old laws.”

    Reform is not Judaism.

  7. WOW of course can’t accept the compromise area because then they can’t provoke religious women and men from there!

  8. The Women of the Wall claim that they only seek equality with men. However, their husbands don’t wear a Talis, put on Tefillin or read from a Sefer Torah on Rosh Chodesh. What they realy want is equality with Orthodox men. Since The only source for the description and laws of Talis, Tefillin and Sefer Torah is the Oral Law which they reject and do not adhere to, their behavior is a complete farce. This controversy is not about religion but about furthering a liberal and secular feminist agenda.

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