Steak Could Become A ‘Luxury Product’ Thanks To Climate Impact, CEO Fears

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Steak could become a champagne-type luxury because beef isn’t climate friendly to produce, the head of Europe’s top meat processor said.

Danish Crown CEO Jais Valeur told Denmark’s Berlingske newspaper on Monday that beef will eventually become a “luxury product” because of the climate impact of producing it.

“Beef is not going to be super climate friendly. It will be a bit like champagne, namely a luxury product,” Valeur said.

“The beef cattle will be a luxury product that we eat when we need to pamper ourselves.”

Valeur said the way people consume and think about meat is going to need to change in the coming years as meat processing companies face pressure to curb greenhouse gases in the fight against climate change.

“We will still have a production, but there will be production of beef and veal that comes from dairy cattle, calves and beef cattle that graze in the meadow and create biodiversity,” he said.

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  1. Gibberish. The 3rd Bais Hamikdash will be rebuilt real soon and there will be tons and tons of karbanos being brought and there will be plenty of meat and steaks to be had, especially for us Kohanim. Place your reservation with me please, to go shecht your korban. I’ll keep a secret as to why you’re bringing a chatos.


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