Still Not Anti Semetic? Rise Up Ocean County Targets The Siddur, Claiming Davening Proves ‘Anti Gentilism”

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Facebook group Rise Up Ocean County, a group dedicated to ending the growth of Orthodox Judaism in Ocean County, has repeatedly denied being antisemitic and instead claims they are trying to end “corruption” in the County. This is despite consistently pointing a finger at the Jewish population as the root cause for the problems in the area.

Now, however, the facade has faded away and the group has sunken into open racism. In a recent post, the group calls to attention the brochos made by Jewish men every day where we thank Hashem for not making us a slave (shelo asani eved), a woman (shelo asani isha), or a non Jew (shelo asani goy). Note that this has nothing to do with the County anymore and is a direct challenge to Judaism.

Like many anti semites in history, RUOC is using these brochos to imply that Jews are secretly suffer from “Anti Gentilism” – a claim that has its roots in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and has been rebuffed again and again but still pops up on anti semetic forums such as Stormfront.

In a silver lining to the this dark cloud, the post has garnered several comments from Orthodox Jews explaining that these brochos are in no way a sign of “Antigentilism.” Unfortunately, as history has shown time and again, answering up to anti semites rarely leads to a satisfactory conclusion.




  1. Rise up Ocean County has an obsession with orthodox people. Just go to their website and see for yourself. There are about 10 articles. 1 is about jews destroying the environment. 1 is about oorah 1 is about Rabbi Eisemann 1 is about abuse 1 is about fraud. The others are defending themselves against claims they are anti-semitic or about antisemitisim. One article sort of give themselves away when they advertised x-mas singing in Lakewood. They also have a link to Footsteps the organization that helps OTD go further off. But just reading this article gives us a profile of the person behind this organization. Only a meshumad someone that was once part of our community and is acting as a non jew would write the brocha with the word Hashem. A true non jew would write Lord or Al-mighty not Hashem.

  2. This specific claim was a focal point during the trial of Mendle Beilis. One of the Gedolei Yisroel of the time advised his defense staff how to answer. It would be a good idea if we would do the same.

  3. It is without doubt a lost Jewish soul is behind all this and mist of anti semetic attacks
    As a student if history. Most catastrophic occurrences started with משומדים behind
    Hashem should save us and mk them find their way bk

  4. Let’s use the opportunity:
    We should explain to our children that this Brocho does not imply that the Creator made us superior to any other human race, we are just thankful with whatever the Creator of all Humans, made us. We should go on to tell our children that we have only love, empathy and caring for all our fellow Human-Beings, Yidden and other Nationalities. We make sure to Daven for, and worry about All people who are not well R”L.
    The Creator will see our true love for all our fellow Humans, and He will Never-Again, bring on any Anti-Semitism against us.

    • Actually, Am Yisroel is superior. Obviously, we are not claiming superiority in the goyishe mein-kampf german way of stealing resources and enslaving people, but we are definitely superior in a spiritual way. So don’t be a judenrat apologist, but be proud of being a Jew.

  5. The whole world is jealous of the Jew, they will find every reason to pick on us.

    Instead of growing greater which it seems they don’t believe they can, they instead try and break us apart.

    But that’s not difficult to understand, what is hard to get my mind around is, that some of our own Jewish children sons and daughters brothers and sisters don’t seem to see what the world is jealous of and cherish they’re fortune..


  6. “We should explain to our children that this Brocho does not imply that the Creator made us superior to any other human race, we are just thankful with whatever the Creator of all Humans, made us.”
    Then why, pray tell, should we remain frum?
    Let’s all be good, moral, members of society at large. Why should I keep mitzvos – Shaabos, Yom Tov, kashrus, private schools, etc.?
    The commentators on the siddur write:
    שלא עשני גוי – that I don’t only have 7 mitzvos.
    שלא עשני עבד – that I am not only obligated in mitzvos k’nashim but without Kedushas / nishmas Yehudi.
    שלא עשני אשה – That I not patur from mitzvos asei she’hazeman grama.
    Is that not a statement of superiority?
    And what about אשר בחר בנו מכל העמים?
    And what about קדושים תהיו?

  7. Racism means you are inferior based on your race and you can never change that.
    All gentiles are free to convert to the Jewish People. So, Judaism is not racist.
    Jethro converted and was honored by his son-in-law Moses our Teacher.
    The new testament calls Jews “vermin”. That is anti-semitism at it’s worst.
    The Nazi party was encouraged to carry out their evil plans due to the hundreds of years of anti-semitic preaching from christian leaders. One christian leader refused to save innocent Jewish children during WWII. His reply to the plea was “there is not such thing as innocent blood. All Jewish blood is guilty blood”.
    Many christian leaders assisted the nazi’s spray down with machine guns non-combatant Jewish men, woman and children. THIS IS ANTI-SEMITISM and GENOCIDE.

  8. I think I saw this explanation in Harav Shimon Shwabs Sidder (artscroll) All we are saying is that we are luckier than those that have only 7 mitzvos or those that only have a few mitzvos to do since we can do many more. We get to go to shul 3 times a day woman don’t have to. This doesn’t mean we are better or superior only luckier. A good example I once heard, a king had a cook and a custodian. They argued who is more important. Until they concluded the cook is indeed more important but the custodian is luckier since he can go into the king’s private chambers to clean and fix.

  9. As a goy with no dog in this fight, it might be that the head of RUOC is an anti-Semite. But perhaps it is worth putting that particular question to side for a moment and ask whether there is any merit to the statement that over development is having a negative impact on Lakewood. If you believe that it is, then the follow up question should be does the Orthodox community bear any responsibility towards the promotion and increase in that, through its lobbying or efforts with respect to the township.

    If there is any merit to that as a general statement then the community should ask is it possible to be opposed to that development and the Orthodox communities efforts in favor of it without being considered anti-Semitic?

    Put another way, don’t allow the actions of RUOC provide an excuse for (not) having a productive dialog on the root issue. Thanks for your platform.

    • Anon 6:21. Lakewood does have a problem with over development. the vast majority of the Orthodox Community are opposed to it. Even those who recently moved are upset as realtors sold them a false bill of goods about the situation in Lakewood. that is the only part you got correct.

      Where you went off the rails was with this comment ” does the Orthodox community bear any responsibility towards the promotion and increase in that, through its lobbying or efforts with respect to the township.” You seem to lack a basic understanding of the situation. The “Orthodox Community” has never done any lobbying for an increase in density or for developments. I am not aware of the the Orthodox, as a group, lobbying for anything in local Lakewood Government. That is where RUOC started to go down a dark path. Creating this myth of some Orthodox plan for increased density, that will eventually move to surrounding towns.

      There has been lobbying, and perhaps more nefarious actions, to push over-development in Lakewood, but it was not done by the Orthodox community as a whole, as a matter of fact, it was done against the wishes of the majority of the Orthodox Community. It was being pushed by investors, builders, real estate agents and others who have a financial interest in the over-development, and who seemingly have control of the Lakewood Township Committee and boards.

      You may want to take issue with the voters who put these people in place, however, if that was the primary gripe against the Orthodox Community, it would be better targeted at the non-Orthodox senior communities. Voter turnout in Lakewood in general is very low, it is much higher in the senior communities, and the senior communities voted in the pro-development incumbents at a higher percentage, than the rest of Lakewood at large. As a matter of fact, anti-semitism may have lead to the final nail in the coffin for Lakewood. In the previous election, there were ant-development Orthodox Jews running against 2, non Jewish, but pro-development incumbents in the Township committee, had the seniors voted for the Orthodox member, it would have transformed the committee, and development would have been slowed, Eagle Ridge would never happen.

      Most Orthodox voters, through some excellent fake PR by the pro-development community, are not even aware that the current Township Committee changed zoning to allow increased density. they believe that the zoning was always in place, and the Township is doing the best they can under the circumstances.

      Instead of fighting the development, and highlighting the real issues, RUOC has gone in all out attack mode against the Orthodox Community. Despite their platitudes about how they are not antisemites. Their posts, comments of the moderators, the comments they allow as well as those they choose to ban tell a very different story. Had they stuck to the real issue and those responsible, they would have more allies they they could have ever imagined.

      • So the hour long video where the discussion is about how to move into a town aka Jackson and slowly take over was fake? Everyone in that room was an Orthodox Jew. So how can you say that no responsibility falls on your community. I have no need for the huge building next to my house. Its residents are not even going to be from Lakewood. As a mother with girls why would I want 100 to 300 young men living next to me with no privacy. An 8 foot fence does squat. I am suppose to be okay with that? I don’t think so. They changed the residential zoning to include schools to accommodate one group and one group only. Face the facts.

  10. @ah Yid: Luckier?
    Asher bachar banu means we won the lottery?
    Asher kidshanu b’mitzvosav means we just happened to be in the right place at the right time?


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