Study: Coronavirus Could Hold Economy Back For Decades


A recent study predicts that the coronavirus pandemic could hold the economy back for decades due to a lack of risk-taking and decreased economic output.

The study, conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, forecasts that the pandemic has incited fears that could reduce risk-taking behaviors by boosting the “perceived probability of an extreme, negative shock in the future.”

The research was released at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual conference last week, according to USA Today.

The study comes as officials across the country are striving for a vaccine in the hopes it will help alleviate Americans’ fears about COVID-19 and get the economy back on track. But the researchers predict that the long-term economic impact could be “many times larger” if risk-averting behaviors persist past the pandemic.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The Deep State is panicking and their fakestream media is trying to push down the economy but in reality the economy is booming with strong recoveries.

  2. First, we were told that wearing masks would do more harm than good, which is what the science still supports. But now even as the COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be less harmful than the seasonal flu, we are being told to wear the mask. Austin, Texas has threatened a 2,000 dollar fine for those not wearing the mask and has even suggested wearing the mask at home. Science tells us that these masks are doing nothing but hurting our natural immune system. So why is it so important that we wear the mask? If one were to look at what is happening as if it were a massive initiation ritual, then things may begin to make more sense. The initiation ritual can be found throughout all of human history. We find it in ancient tribes and religions all the way up to modern games, fraternities, and in the military. Psychological studies have taught us how initiation rituals work. Primary, how they increase a person’s desire to conform to the group they are being initiated into. The ritual is almost always the same. First, the initiates are isolated. Their familiar every day routines are disrupted, and their normal rules of living are altered. The initiates are made to look the same. Their heads may be shaved, they may be given matching outfits, or they may be instructed to wear a mask. These acts symbolically strip the wearer of his identity, so he ceases to see himself as an individual but as part of the group. The wearer of the mask loses his previous identity and assumes a new one. The initiates are given just enough trauma to put them in a mild state of cognitive dissonance. This dissonance puts the initiates into a state of confusion and anxiety. They are now ready to be transformed into a member of the initiating group. In their isolation, thoughts they have ignored or buried for years suddenly become unavoidable. Emotions are triggered and a new window of thought is opened within the initiate’s mind. And in this state, the new normal is introduced. This worldwide initiation ritual is creating a mass of separation in humanity. The obedient and defiant are being drawn apart like a chemistry purification experiment. And it would seem that the obedient ones are being drawn into something, the new normal, the new age, the new world order, a world where science no longer matters, a world where blind obedience is all that is respected.


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