Study: Parental Concerns Over Vaccines Unwarranted


vaccineIt’s a concern for many new parents: So many vaccines – so soon in life. In recent years, many parents have started delaying vaccinations, concerned that the medicines intended to protect from life-threatening diseases may harm brain development.

A new study says there’s no reason to worry.

“In fact, receiving these immunizations probably has the opposite effect,” said Dr. Robert Gottesman of St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital. “It probably helps you developmentally.”

The study looked at more than 1000 children who received vaccines. Researchers tested them several years later and found those who received timely shots fared better on tests for language, memory and intellect.

There have been persistent claims of a link between autism and vaccines, although numerous studies show no connection.

It’s also well known that delaying vaccines puts children at risk for sickness.

“Pneumonia, polio, tetanus – these are all potentially very serious diseases,” said Dr. Gottesman.

{WCBS-TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. There is one vaccine that is currently geared towards teenage girls. It is called Gardasil.
    This vaccine prevents HPV – which is a virus that leads to cervical cancer. HPV is a transmitted disease which is being reccommended for girls 11-12. As B”H our girls are not usually at risk for this type of disease – we do not have to give it to them. I know of a few friends who were pushed into giving this vaccine to their daughters without knowing the facts. As with all vaccines – there are risks involved with giving it. Usually we say that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the risks of the disease – but in this case – there is virtually no chance of our daughters coming down with HPV so why would we subject them to the risk of the vaccine. 99% of cervical cancer cases were caused by HPV. Also – at this time – they don’t even know how long the vaccine lasts. Since HPV is a transmitted virus – I would not give it to my daughter. Everyone should educate themselves and make an informed decision.


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