Study: Standard Masks Don’t Help Much Against Covid

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A new study examining masks effectiveness in protecting against COVID-19 infection finds N95-style masks to be more effective than surgical masks or other cloth coverings, adding scientific backing to the argument masks do provide some level of protection.

The University of Waterloo study published July 21 found “standard surgical and three-ply cloth masks” only “filter at apparent efficiencies of only 12.4% and 9.8%,” while KN95 and N95 masks have “substantially higher apparent filtration efficiencies (60% and 46% for N95 and KN95 masks, respectively).

The study, published by the journal Physics of Fluids, concluded N95 masks “therefore are still the recommended choice in mitigating airborne disease transmission indoors,” despite performing below the “95%” rate in the study.

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  1. I recall reading/hearing in the past that masks were more important/effective in stopping outgoing COVID-19, meaning blocking someone that has it from spreading it others, rather than protecting people from incoming COVID-19 (getting it from others).

    This report doesn’t seem to address such a distinction.

  2. There have been countless studies on the effectiveness of masks all of which contradict this study.
    This article is an example of the misinformation encouraging people to not mask and not vaccinate.
    The editor of this site must be an anti-masker or he wouldn’t have posted this nonsense with a headline making it sound likes something worth while.

    (OK the editor who is obviously anti-mask probably won’t post this comment)

    • Great. So if you wear your idol mask, you have nothing to worry about. You are protected. No other human can get you. You’ve got the mask covering your face and you are guaranteed to live forever. You’ve finally figured out how to beat the system. Kol hakavod.

  3. MASKS ARE DANGEROUS! PERIOD! Haven’t your mothers warned you as little kids not to put a bag over your head? Actually, bags are safer than masks, at least they’re open at the bottom for oxygen.

    However, those who were vaxxed should wear a mask and not shed their sickness onto the healthy.

    • Really?

      How come surgeons have worn them in the operating rooms with no ill effect for many many years.

      If you are going to show your anti mask anti waxx prejudice at least be logical about it.

      • You mean they wear disposable masks for only the few hours they are doing surgery and remove them when they leave the room, right?

      • Do some research and you’ll be in for surprise. Many surgeons go home daily with severe headaches and many gave up their position.

        You sound very naive with no clue about Bill Gates’ waxxes.

  4. Standard surgical masks help against covid; of course N95 are much better, as it has been written in the website’s comments for a long time. They will perform at 95%+ if they have a perfect seal, which with a beard is not possible, but still they work very well. Being this time of the year, we can also trust that people are considerate and stay home when they might be a risk to others.

    • So are you admitting that the stupid plastic partitions by the bima are worthless, since your deity, the CDC, says the Covid 19 is airborne and no plastic partition will help one iota?

  5. Even for N95, and even in the lab conditions, 60% filtration efficiency means that 40% is getting through. In plain English it means that even N95 is pretty much useless for covid19 prevention. However, one thing that the moist and warm masks are perfect for is a giant breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, all perfectly located right by your nose and mouth to inhale! So, unless you are discarding your mask every hour or so(a time it takes for bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels), your mask wearing mishigas will only hurt you, and it definitely won’t protect you from the coronavirus.

    • Assuming 40% infectious particles get through the infectious patient’s mask and 40& of that get through someone else’s mask, that amounts to 16% of the amount of infectious particles which would reach me otherwise.

      If someone has harmful bacteria and fungi, I am very sorry for those people and they should be seeing a doctor, but their germs belong near to their own nose and mouth, and they most definitely should not be spread to someone else.

      • Dear 11:32, contrary to your lala-land arithmetics, what matters is the final result, as opposed to how much you have tried and whatever participation-trophy you may have received. I.e. even if a few percent gets through it is still more than enough to get you the glorified cold virus, cross that out, I mean covid.

        Now, if you had IQ above 75 and if you knew anything about really-fatal bacterial diseases, such as antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, and if you understood how the human pulmonary cleansing system works, you would not demand idiotic things like blocking you nose and mouth with a petri dish.

  6. No no no. One must wear an adult diaper covering their entire face 24/7. Every Shul and Yeshiva must be locked closed. You must stay in your Mommy’s basement.


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