Suicide? Israel Promises ‘Serious Territorial Concessions’

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 yuval-steinitzAs peace talks take shape between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said that his country is ready to make “very serious territorial concessions” to reach an agreement, and that a demilitarized Palestinian state is the only solution to hostilities.

Steinitz said that reaching an agreement would be difficult for both sides, and would require compromises. “I am confident that most Israelis will support it-even if we will have to make considerable and difficult concessions, including territorial concessions,” Steinitz said. As for Yerushalayim, however, the “status quo is the only option.”

Talks are scheduled to resume next week when Justice Minister Tzipi Livni meets her Palestinian counterpart in Washington. Read more at Haaretz.

{ Irael News Bureau}


  1. Let’s wake up and smell the HOT brewing coffee

    Hashem is begging us not to vacation among non Yidden, why do we have to mingle with them, why do we have to dress like them, why to we enjoy what they they Goyim enjoy? why do we eat Goyishe foods like Pizza, Sushi, etc

    Why? because we are not thinking enough of Hashems Torah, we have to incorporate the Torah into our daily lifes.

  2. But, at least Bennet – the sweet brother – is worrying how to fight the Chareidin l’dvar Hashem and Yiddishkeit. Who cares about such trivial matters as the blood-thirsty arabs?!


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