Supreme Court Declines To Take Up Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Case

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The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a case challenging Pennsylvania’s absentee ballot receipt deadline, a few days after Republican efforts were dealt a blow in a lower court regarding late-arriving ballots.

Republicans have asked the high court to block all absentee ballots that arrived after Election Day. The justices previously upheld a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling for ballots to count that arrived up to three days after the election as long as they were postmarked by Nov. 3. State Republicans are seeking to bring the case back before the Supreme Court, and President Donald Trump’s team has also asked the justices to intervene in the matter. But the court has yet to indicate whether it’ll consider the challenge and could choose to do so at any point.

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  1. Can we now start to believe that maybe Biden actually win? And believe that לב מלכים ביד ה. Or is the Supreme Court (which is heavily conservative) also involved in this elaborate democratic election fraud…….

  2. More:
    Our constitutional republic must adhere to the democratic institutions that are the foundations for our liberty. If we do not adhere to these responsibilities, we can expect to continue to live with the corruption that we are now facing. The political agenda of the progressive socialist Democrats ignore the will of the American people. Who had the idea to allow the US Postal Service, who had just endorsed Joe Biden, to bring in the ballots with any trust?

    The fix was in from the start. Perhaps that is why Biden felt he did not need to campaign. Why should Biden and Harris go through the campaign or take questions that they refuse to answer when they already know that the results that they need will magically appear?

    The fascists who now populate the Democrat party and Neocons like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, claim that illegal aliens voting in our elections are minimal. Many states register voters at the Department of Motor Vehicles, laughingly called Motor Voter, with no check on citizenship.

    These same leftists turn a blind eye to the numerous election judges prosecuted for stuffing ballots and altering votes. They refuse to allow Voter ID laws when dead people, nonvoters, and illegal aliens, along with voter rolls not being updated, allow fraud that can and has changed the results of close elections.

    They use ballot harvesting to change the results of elections many days and weeks after an election. By that time, they know how many votes they need to steal the election and deliver just enough to switch to the progressive socialist candidate. These ballots are delivered by the US Postal Service and are quickly counted missing signatures that match or voter authentication. This isn’t the “one person, one legal vote” that our republic is based on. Already documented is the failed New Jersey campaign that was thrown out after it was shown that mail-in fraud had tainted 22% of the total vote.

    The news media will always proclaim there is no evidence of fraud; they refuse, even when given the evidence that voter fraud is happening, letting the American people know what is happening. The media, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have made a concerted effort to paint President Trump as a racist who uses racial hatred in his campaign. I have yet to hear any of these progressive socialist sycophants explain how President Trump is getting more of the Black, Hispanic, and Asian vote than any other Republican in history is not essential. It shouldn’t be surprising because none of these organizations and the leftists consider any of these groups necessary.

    The media has not mentioned that the financing of mail-in balloting was primarily supplied, to the tune of $50 million had been supplied by The Open Society Foundation in its multiple organizations, including the Ford Foundation. The financing went to states such as Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.

    Let’s look at some of the evidence that the media refuses to look at. Keep in mind it has been documented that there are as many as 350,000 dead voters still on the rolls across 42 states. Judges have been complicit in voter fraud across the country by unilaterally allowing changes such as relaxed deadlines for voting, signature verification, and ballot harvesting. Voter rolls are a farce. Judicial Watch has documented that 462 counties in the US have a registration rate of over 100%. Judicial Watch has identified 1.8 million more voters than eligible voters in 352 counties.

  3. In 2010 Eric Coomer joined Dominion as Vice President of U.S. Engineering. According to his bio, Coomer graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.

    Eric Coomer was later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security at Dominion. Coomer has since been removed from the Dominion page of directors.


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