Supreme Court Issues Kosel Ultimatum


The Supreme Court announced that the government has until June 4 to respond to three lawsuits relating to the government’s failure to implement a January 2016 agreement to set up a third Kosel for Reform, Conservative and feminist prayer.

This agreement includes appointing non-Orthodox representatives as members of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation which oversees the Kosel’s affairs.

The government inaction is due to pressure from chareidi and religious parties.

{ Israel News}


  1. The government should respond that if the Supreme Court wants a secular Jew on the Kosel rabbinical board than they will do it only after the Supreme Court puts 3 Chareidi judges on the Supreme Court.

    If the Kosel Rabbinate needs a secular Jew, the Supreme Court needs a few Chareidi Jews.

  2. What about Jews for Jesus and Jews for Budda, etc.etc.?Can they also start demanding places at the Kotel?This is ludicrous, the Reform Hellenists don’t even believe in the sanctity of the Temple or the Kotel, according to their own declarations from the start of the Reform”movement”.The Hellenistic movements are dying in the U.S., we certainly don’t need more of their leftist, anti-religious evil here in Israel.

  3. I liked the phrase “set up a third KOSEL” that’s a great idea let’s build a new “reformed” kotel that they can use leaving the traditional “old fashioned” one to the chareidim


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