SWEET: Netanyahu Contemplates Legalizing Marijuana In Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week did not rule out the possibility of supporting the legalization of marijuana.

“I am now looking into the matter you brought up,” he said in response to a question about the subject on the LikudTV webcast that can be viewed on his Facebook page. “I will give you an answer soon. It’s possible that it will happen.”

Additionally, Netanyahu spoke of the previous government’s move to permit using medical marijuana, in addition to exporting it.

Last year, Israel lessened the penalties for those using cannabis. The law is scheduled to take effect on April 1.




  1. Netanyahu Contemplates Legalizing Marijuana In Israel. 100% Political. By doing so he is endangering the country but he will take many votes away from Feiglin who may become the next “kingmaker” of Israeli politics.

  2. There is a huge difference between Legalizing Medical marijuana to regular marijuana.

    Medically speaking, Marijuana is helpful for many conditions. The big Pharmaceutical industry will fight it to the end, because they fear losing out (people will take Cannabis for medical conditions instead of their expensive drugs)


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