Syria Threatens Israel With 800 Scud Missiles

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Following Israel’s rare admission earlier this month that its planes attacked a convoy transporting weapons to Hezbollah on Syrian soil, Damascus reportedly threatened that “the Syrian military will respond to any Israeli aggression on its soil by firing missiles that carry half a ton of explosives,” Times of Israel reports.

Syria said that it would use its eight hundred Scud missiles without warning, striking against IDF bases in retaliation to Israeli strikes against military targets and blasting missiles to Haifa and its petrochemical plants if Israel struck Syrian civilians.

Last Wednesday, Israel carried out airstrikes against army bases near Damascus hours after Netanyahu rejected Syrian claims that Russia had demanded an end to Israeli air attacks on Syrian territory.

“If there’s intelligence and operational feasibility, we strike, and so it will continue,” Netanyahu said. “My policy is consistent, and this is also what I told Putin. We will not allow Israel to be attacked from Syrian territory, and we will not tolerate the transfer of advanced weaponry of those entering Syria, Hezbollah, to the extent that we detect it.”

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  1. This, in a nutshell, is the threat from Syria to Israel: “Let us kill you or we’ll kill you.” It’s so ridiculous that it would be laughable if not for the fact that the threat itself is deadly serious.


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