Syrian Refugee Mother Thanks Israeli Doctors After They Save Young Child With Heart Defect

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Israeli doctors at a Jerusalem hospital have saved a one-and-a-half-year-old Syrian toddler with a heart defect whose parents fled with him from the carnage of their country’s civil war.

The child’s mother — identified only as L. — told Israeli news website Mako on Saturday that she and her husband knew their son was ill very early.

“He looked small for his age and very thin,” she said. “I felt something was wrong. He seemed to be in pain all the time, crying, uneasy, especially when he was asleep.”

A doctor later told her that her son was suffering from a serious congenital heart problem. He was hospitalized eight times in Syria and regularly medicated. L. later went to Jordan with her husband, but doctors there told her there was no surgical option.

Through the organization Shevet Achim, which brings children with congenital heart defects to advanced medical centers in Israel, L. was able to place her child at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, where doctors became convinced that he could be saved.

Doctor Uri Pollak, director of Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care at Hadassah Ein Kerem, said, “The first step was to understand what we were really dealing with.”

The team found that the diagnoses L. received in Jordan was inaccurate, and surgery was possible. The operation proved a success and the boy was quickly able to breathe on his own. He is now recovering in an intensive care unit and can smile, play, and eat.

“When I heard that I would have to go alone with my son to Israel, I was very scared,” L. commented. “We always hear bad things about Israel. But to save him, I thought it was worth taking the risk.”

“Today I can say there is no risk,” she added. “They treated us and took care of us, thank God. I see my son now and I’m happy — the doctors saved him, and I say from my heart, thank you everyone.”

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  1. and if, G-d forbid, the child dies anyway, will she still thank our doctors for the attempt, or will she, together with the UN, call us murdereds?

  2. Are all Israeli citizens’ medical conditions taken care of, so that Israeli doctors have so much extra time that they need to treat our enemies just not to alleviate boredom?! Last I heard, if you don’t have a “protektzia” you would need to wait for months to see a specialist in the Israeli socialist medical system. Yet, the judenrat wastes severely limited resources on those that will try to murder us no matter how good we are to them. This is not just a foolishness. This is a deliberate sabotage. The islamonazis are just mindless destructive animals; the real scheming enemy is the Judenrat.

    • Something wrong with you. Seriously. It’s a great story. Maybe she’l go back and spread the word. Who knows. Maybe it can stop just one terrorist one day. Maybe that can save a life. Maybe that life will be yours. It’s also a kiddush hashem btw. So yea shut up

      • Anon21, you are double wrong: it’s 22 caliber, not 21, and 22 won’t penetrate your thick skull. So, just move to an islamonazi country of your choice, if you insist on committing suicide. You naive fool.

  3. The very reason Arabs exist is that their ancestor Yishmael was healed from illness. No one is forced to donate to Shevet Achim.

  4. How many Israelis cant afford medical treatment when there is a critical issue and need to depend on Tzedakah funds to go to the US for treatment?


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