Teenager In Critical Condition After Drowning Incident At Tel Dor Beach

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A young man was pulled out of the water at the Tel Dor beach and is in critical condition after having drowned.

United Hatzalah volunteers who arrived at the scene treated the young man who is approximately 19 years of age.

The incident took place near the archaeological site by Tel Dor close to Kibbutz Nachsholim

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Hani Fachama who was one of the first responders to perform CPR on the young man said: “The young man was pulled out of the water by a lifeguard. At the time he was rescued he had no pulse and was not breathing. I together with other EMS volunteers performed CPR On the young man. After receiving initial treatment in the field he was taken to the hospital while still undergoing CPR and in critical condition.”



  1. You mean if we stay away from beaches and Hashem wants din and gevura that it cannot happen? It says that At the time of Moshiach the face of the generation will be like that of a dog. Rav Yisroel Salanter explains that when a dog gets hit with a stick he tries to grab the stick. He ignores the fact that someone is holding and using the stick. In the generation of Moshiach people will drown in water and people will blame the water and forget that Someone is in charge of the water. Let’s be michazaik in Torah Mitzvos and Dveykus Bashem so He will not need to send us any more wake up calls.

  2. The definition of “drowning” is death by water. No one is in critical condition after they drown. They are dead. Seems like Matzav.com could use a dictionary.
    Maybe there is something to learning secular studies in yeshiva.


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