Tefillos for Nissim Black

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All are asked to daven for Nissim Black, who has contracted the Covid-19 virus.

The popular singer is hospitalized and receiving oxygen, but, boruch Hashem, contrary to reports, he is not in critical condition, but does need a refuah sheleimah.

All are asked to daven for Nissim Boruch ben Sarah.

Born Damian Jamohl Black and originally a non-Jewish secular artist under the name D. Black, Nissim released two successful albums. After a hard life and a long journey of soul searching in Christianity and Islam, he retired and started to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Nissim, an American rapper and producer from Seattle, Washington, returned to Yiddishkeit under his new Hebrew name Nissim. May he have a refuah.

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    • “Nobody gives by the way publicity to the WHO’s recommendation quote they do not recommend masks for the general public, unquote, even in their updated note, if you bother to read their whole technical note they say that. And they are talking about the only time you wear a mask is if you are at risk, high risk group, in an area of widespread transmission of the disease and you cannot be three feet away from someone.” [Interview on Fox News, Jun 9, 2020]

      Dr. Scott W. Atlas, M.D. is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University and a Member of Hoover Institution’s Working Group on Health Care Policy. Recognized internationally as a leader in both education and clinical research, he was a Senior Advisor for Health Care to a number of candidates for President of the United States during the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential campaigns.

      • This seemed to me to be an article asking the public to Daven for a Refua Shelima. I am not sure what the above comments have to do with this. Refua Sheleima Bikarov.

    • that’s true. surgeons who wear masks most of the day usually end up dead or hospitalized post surgery

  1. To “Masks can be deadly”: Do you have any proof (scientific or otherwise) for your claim about carbon dioxide poisoning being caused by masks? All the Googles that I see, say the opposite.
    Also, how do you know what most hospital patients are in for?

  2. Yeah, like commenter #1, knows more than vast majority of medical professionals and of Rabbonim. He should post his contact info so that they can all contact him before they impose their views unto the rest of the world!

    Just curiously funny how surgeons don’t drop dead in muddle of surgery from the carbon dioxude poisoning they’re getting while surgically operating on patients! In fact poster #1 likely is right because the vast majority of these masks are made in China!

  3. Masks work!!! They may be a bit uncomfortable, get over it and grow up!

    If you don’t wear a mask you are selfish and a potential מזיק

  4. Recently a doctor posted how sick he was every day after having to wear the mask for a few hours. Search for it and ask him.

    • thats called anecdotal evidence. he also just could have gotten sick in general, if someone who works in an office and wears a mask the whole day and he gets sick, does that mean the mask caused it? maybe yes maybe no. but show me a full study, a comprehensive study that shows that people get sick from wearing masks. (oh and sorry to burst your bubble but in asian countries where its very common for people to wear masks in genera, you dont exactly see people dropping dead and getting sick any more than we are)

  5. CO2 poisoning from face masks? This proves there’s no limit to what people can come up with given the right dose of idleness, meanness and self-centeredness…

  6. Whilst I agree that masks are ridiculous, this article is about a yid in need of tefillos… take a minute to say a kapital. And then find a Fauci article to rip into!


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