Tehillim for Bochurim in Post-Siyum Hashas Crash

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route-17-crash-siyum-hashasNine people, including two yeshiva bochurim, were sent to the hospital early this morning following an accident involving a minivan and a tractor-trailer truck on Route 17 in the Wurtsboro area.

The van was returning to Camp Ruach Chaim following the 12th Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

The crash occurred at about 4 a.m., when the minivan rear-ended the truck near exit 114, State Police said.

One of the occupants in the van was transported to Orange Regional Medical Center in the Town of Wallkill by Hatzolah and was later airlifted to Westchester Medical Center.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Tehillim: The names for Tehillim of the two bochurim undergoing surgery today are Shmuel Simcha ben Tziporah Miriam and Yechiel ben Sima Esther.


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  1. keeping people until after 1 A.M. then someone gets into a crash at 4 A.M. on the way home. where is the achraiyus for a tzibur.

  2. speeches should have been limited to ten-fifteen minutes max (with that limit strictly enforced). No one’s gonna deny that it was extremely enjoyable and an amazing night, but it wasn’t worth having this happen, and it could have been far more worse.

  3. shiluchei mitzva ainam nizokin, so that is where the achraiyus is. There will allways be those grouches who try to undermine good things. however just know that its not comming from the yetezr tov.

  4. I love when people start throwing the blame around for tragedies such as these. If they had finshed an hour or two earlier and the buses were driving home an hour or two earlier, is it impossible for a crash to have occured at 2 am just easily???

  5. Excuse me! To me personally , it was a beautiful and inspiring event. (Knowing how tired I was, I left at 11 30, like the 10,000 who came by train. Why are some complaining here about personal choices???)


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