Tel Aviv: City Workers Paint Disabled Parking Box Around Car

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tel-aviv-parking-spot-fraud[Video below.] City workers in Tel Aviv were captured on video painting a disabled parking box around a car, then towing it away.

Hila Ben Baruch, who had parked legally near her apartment, was shocked to return and find her car was missing. City officials notified her that she would have to pay 1,300 shekel – equal to $365 – in fines and towing expenses to get her car back.

Hila told Haaretz, “Within five minutes, they turned me into a criminal.”

But she wasn’t about to take it lying down. Hila was able to obtain a video from a surveillance camera that proved the shenanigans on the part of municipal workers.

In the video below, municipal workers are seen painting white lines around the car and then adding the universal symbol of a wheelchair behind the car to denote a disabled parking spot. Later, a tow truck can be seen lifting the vehicle from its space and towing it away.

The city of Tel Aviv has since apologized to Ben Baruch and dropped the fines.


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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Aplogized?! That’s it?! Isn’t this a crime that should be prosecuted or at the very least the employees should be fired. What an outrage!
    BYW, I could not view the video, but I’m taking your word for it.

  2. In many frum areas I am sorry to say, people totaly ignores the disability signs and park in those spots causing untold hardship on the disabled.

  3. Is that all they are going to do? Those municipal workers should be fined a hefty fine and threatened with imprisonment for committing a criminal act. Who are these people? Israel has never had such a criminal element as it has today. H’ y’rachem.

  4. 5. Comment from Anonymous
    Time February 14, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    Is that all they are going to do?

    i> Well, what do you want “them to do?

    Those municipal workers should be fined a hefty fine

    Yessir! How much do you want?

    and threatened with imprisonment for committing a criminal act.

    What “criminal act” was that, and under which Israeli law should they be prosecuted?

    Who are these people?

    I thought that was made abundantly clear, even to you, in the very first words of the first paragraph of the report.

    Israel has never had such a criminal element as it has today.

    That is utter codswallop and you know it.

  5. What if the people who painted the sign are not the same people who towed it away?

    Although I agree it i sick to paint under and around a parked car

  6. I am noteh that this is a hoax.

    1. The camera is focused perfectly on only on that vehicle, from the beginning. Why?

    2. The painters seem to be taking their casual time, without any concern that the car owner will appear.

    3. How was it know to the car owner that the video existed? If this is a pre-placed security camera of some sort, we have question number 1. If was a citizen just happening to catch something suspicious, why did they not object.

    There are other kashes you could ask. And how could yidden do that to other Yidden? Definitely a hoax l’chavod Adar.

  7. Listen Michoel, the camera was a security video camera. The car owner obtained footage from a nearby security camera, which was probably for the building in front of that vehicle. It happened to be that vehicle was parked there. The painters and everybody else involved in this mess, were not frum, and they didn’t care to do such a thing, considering the fact that they were told by the municipality of tel-aviv to do that. So even with purim around the corner, I’m sorry to tell you that the non-frum do not care at all that it’s purim, and actually get very irritated from the “unnecessary” noise that is caused. Nice hypothesis though!

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