Telegraph Corrects False Claim on “Settler-Only Roads”

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On June 11, an article in The Telegraph on Prince William’s upcoming trip to the region included this gratuitous and misleading quote from Amnesty International: “Kerry Moscogiuri, Amnesty International UK’s campaigns director, has said: ‘…people in Ramallah have endured years of discriminatory restrictions on their movements, with…off-limits roads which are for the exclusive use of those in the illegal Israeli settlements.'”

Adam Levick, writing at UK Media Watch, says, “Leaving aside the question of why precisely an article by the newspaper’s Royal correspondent felt the need to contextualize the piece by throwing in such anti-Israel agitprop, the “exclusive settler roads” claim violates the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code. There are not currently, nor have there ever been, “Jewish-only” or “settler-only” roads anywhere in Israel or the West Bank. So, it’s not accurate to claim that there are any such roads.

The journalist, Hannah Furness, to her credit, conferred with editors and agreed to amend the sentence to remove the false claim of the existence of such roads.

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