Video Review: Tens of Thousands of Tinokos Shel Bais Rabbon Daven On Behalf of the Cholim of Klal Yisroel

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asifa-for-cholim[Videos below courtesy of Shiezoli.] Original post: The days of Aseres Yimei Teshuva are here. Our hearts and minds are geared towards the Yom haDin. With fright and trepidation, we approach the gates of Heaven, our tefillos warmer then usual, our every step more careful then before.

A number of unfortunate tragedies have occurred throughout the frum population this past year. Many among us – including r”l, young mothers and fathers and, sadly, many young children – have been struck, l”a, with terrible illnesses.

Judaism worldwide, and particularly in Eretz Yisrael, is under immense anti-Semitic attack, of a magnitude not seen since World War II. Thousands have been killed or wounded and traumatized. Many lie in the hospital for months, wounded both physically and emotionally. Thousands of orphans, without a father, mother, or both have been left alone.

At such times, we seek out the innocent Yiddishe Kinder, our tinokos shel bais rabban, whose tender souls are untainted and clean, whose tefillos are pure. Fifteen years ago, the Center for Community Resources/Misaskim decided to harness the power of such innocence and purity, and on these days of awe, to gather our young children together, in order to raise a united tefilla for the benefit of our sick brethren. Kol cholei yisrael b’chol makom shehem.

This idea has evolved into a tremendous event, spectacular and breathtaking in its magnitude. Today, at 1 p.m. EST, thousands of children from approximately forty yeshivos in the Metropolitan New York area will gather in the Bobover Bais Medrash in Boro Park for this unique Yom Tefilla. The children will be joined by a great number of talmidei chacomim, poskim, rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva; Litvish, Chasidish and Sefardic.

An audio hookup will unite over 150 sites, 19 states in America and 300 schools in six countries, from Mexico and beyond. At the same time, in different time zones- some in early afternoon, others in the wee hours of the morning- thousands upon thousands of innocent souls will raise their clear voices to Shamayim as, in unison, six kapitlech Tehillim (13, 20, 79, 121, 130, and 142) will be recited, after which they will daven Mincha or Maariv, depending on their location.

The Yom Tefilla will conclude with Avinu Malkeinu, the Selicha of the Shlosh Asrei Middos, and Shema Yisrael, beseeching the kisay hakavod for mercy. In one of the early years of this tradition, as the foundation for this holy event took shape, an old man entered the Bobov Shul and sat down in the area designated for the children. Asked politely to change his seat, the old man slowly pulled out an old black and white picture; two lovely, smiling children stared out.

“These are my children” the old man began, his eyes filling with tears. “The Natzis took them and they never returned. I know that they are here today. Please let me sit here. I want to be with them.” The zechus of the tefillos which these children in their innocence and purity raise for the simple bakasha of a refuah sheleima l’kol cholei Yisrael will burst the open gates of rachamim and accomplish the children’s requests.

Wherever you might be at that special moment, take a small amount of time out of your busy schedule to say those six kapitlach Tehillim and daven Mincha and know that your tefillos will join together with that of tens of thousands of children.

May Hashem Yisborach heed the united and pure voice of the tinokos shel bais rabbon and send a refuah shelaima as well as the geulah shelaima to all of Klal Yisroel throughout the world.

For videos of the event taken by Shiezoli (click here for Shiezoli’s YouTube channel), click on a screen below:

The following video shows Rav Tirnauer, rov of Shomrei Shabbos, leading the recital of Avinu Malkeinu

[media id=169 width=400 height=300]

The following video shows the boys saying Tehillim:

[media id=170 width=400 height=300]

The following video shows the boys davening Minchah:

[media id=171 width=400 height=300]

The following video shows Rav Don Segal leading the recital of Tehillim:

[media id=172 width=400 height=300]

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  1. Only Klal Yisroel?
    It is extremely heart-braking and painful to see R”L a sick innocent child, of any nationality.
    Do we want HKB”H to say, “Don’t you care about all My children”?

  2. R’ Tuvya, We’ll grant it to you. All children who will participate in prayer at the time above will be kept in mind while praying…

  3. While this is an interesting idea, and people mean well when they promote it, I think some questions need to be raised about it nevertheless, for example,

    1) This writeup makes it sound like a slam dunk, a sure thing – just get together all the kids to say Tehillim and everyone will be healed, all problems solved, etc. But is it really so simple? True, there is a well-known Chazal about the hevel pihem of the tinokos shel beis rabban……but that is talking about their limud haTorah. Do we see Chazal telling us their tehillim can cure the sick automatically? No. So we should not get carried away and delude ourselves.

    2) Definition of ‘tinokos shel beis rabban’. They seem to think that it includes all youngsters below bar mitzvoh basically. I believe that it really refers to the very young children, like maybe those in first grade or so. Maybe some lomdim/talmidei chachomim can address this point.

    3) There could be sheilos re bringing kids there from far away. Sheilos of bittul Torah, bittul zman. It might be a better idea, if they want to do it, especially with yeshivas not close by, to have them maybe say tehillim where they are at the same time, rather than physically take them to Borough Park, at significant expense of time and money, especially when mosdos are under financial strain.

    “The zechus of the tefillos which these children in their
    innocence and purity raise for the simple bakasha of a refuah sheleima l’kol cholei Yisrael will burst the open gates of rachamim and accomplish the children’s requests.”

    Halevai it would be so easy. They have done this for a few years already. Have all cholim been healed every year? Let’s not get carried away….. If this was so simple, why didn’t they do this during WWI & WWII? It seems like a well-meaning idea, like some segulas that people do, but we need to keep things in perspective and not get carried away with segulas and gimmicks, even if they are somewhat based on Torah. Our main avodah/emphasis needs to be teshuvoh, Torah, avodas hamidos, etc., not mere recitation of Tehillim.

  4. to R Tuvia, when the goyim daven for our children, we can daven for theirs.
    We are not discriminating against the goyish sick children but we have to take care of our own first.

  5. To Comment #1
    Unfortunately, in the past thirteen years things have not gotten better. Why?
    Whom are we actively and intentionally excluding? The answer is: Tinokos, Oilulim, V’Yonkim.
    No-where in Tenaach do we find such strong words of Rachmonus on children, as in Yonnah pretaining to Ninveh. Ninveh was not a Yiddishe Country.
    Ki Loi Machshevoicei Machshevoiseichem.

  6. to # 4 I guess with all your shalios you should not be included in the Tefilos. You just DONT GET IT.In addition to the tefilos the kids learn that they mean something and they are special.I remember going to BABUV when i was a kid and this must be about 20 years ago.

  7. To commenter # 10 & 11 – yes, I do ‘get’ it, thank you.

    Chazal do not tell us that the tefilloh of a youngster is guaranteed to be accepted. However, Chazal do say that Hashem is not moeis in the tefilloh of a rabim all year long. Also, there is a special closeness to HKB”H in aseres yemei teshuvoh, as it says “kirauhu bihiyoso karov”, as darshened by Chazal. That is for yidden bichlal, not little kids specifically.

    Basically, what is going on here is that some people are taking a maamar Chazal and try to build on it, to get a guaranteed yeshuah for all. However, I’m afraid that they are stretching things too far here.

    It’s like those who take the maamar Chazal that hamispalleil bead chaveiro (vihu tzorich lioso dovor) hu ne’eneh techila. They then make lists of people who need a certain thing and arrange that the people are mispalleil for each other. It is questionable if such strategies work. HKB”H wants us to daven for our friends lishmoh, not with the idea that it will help us get what we want first.

  8. It doesn’t even pay to answer him. You’ll always find those Mekatrigim criticizing in the mantle of torah, the most famous one of course the Satan. Seems like he’s on the team.

  9. 12 – is something the matter that you can’t ‘handle’ some davening. it definately is doing something, whether it is for refuah shelaima or something else. what difference does it make???, Hashem will ‘channel’ them to wherever is needed. no tefilla ever gets lost.

    PS did you listen on the audio live? It was out of this world, really special.

  10. #13 – We are having a discussion of Torah here, and you say that the side that does not agree with you is working for the samech mem???!!!

    Answer in a Torah way if you have any answers to the sheilos, not with a personal attack.

    Did Abaye tell Rava when they disagreed that he was working for the ‘other side’? Did Beis Shammai tell that to Beis Hillel?

    Do you say that to your chavrusa when he disagrees with you in learning?

  11. I think you are absolutely right. I think that all those Rabbanim (Such as Rabbi Mattisyahu Solomon, Skulener Rebbe, Rav Don Segal, Rabbi Yecheskel Roth to name a few) and Askanim who’ve been organizing and participating in this event for the past 15 years are all mistaking. You should really approach them all to stop with this non-sense. I’m sure they’ll be relieved to hear that this major undertaking along with it’s headaches and financial cost is unnecessary. And while you’re at it, simply ask them to stop these prayer services three times a day (You know V’LYerushalayim etc.) the Jews in Egypt definately weren’t obsessed with such kind of prayer…

  12. (Can’t figure out what I’m writing that’s so controversial.) To #4, check out the R”H Yated’s chinuch roundtable. With the proper hachana, the kids will only gain from being able to make such a valuable contributeion.

  13. Yes, I truly believe that the words you have spoken don’t come from a sincere Jewish heart. Seems like you’re right, their Tefillos didn’t do anything, V’haraya, they davened ‘Stom Piyos Mastineinu Umekatrigeinu’….

  14. Why is it that every time there is something positive and something just so good and special, people have to nit pick and find something wrong?

    I find that so many people are just bitter, jealous, and maybe have other problems when fiding what is wrong with something that is actually right!

    Kinderlach daveing with kavanah and having thousands together is more powerful then having 45 people in one room. There is an effect and you know it.

    The siyum hashas brings everyone to tears because of 25,000 people saying amen yehy shmay rabah at the same time.

    If one thinks today was nothing special and you have to nitpick and bring chzal into this then you need your head examined before yom kippur.

    Gmar chasima tova and may we hear only good news this year. Matzav–keep up the good work.

  15. Never mind: Keep those tefilos coming! If you read this Matzav headline today, you’ll see that we are in great need of tefilos and look at this nes that occured? Who knows which tefilos were instrumental in bringing this yeshua about?
    “Mechanical Hitch Saved Busload of Israelis from Death in Sinai
    Wednesday September 23, 2009 7:49 PM

    sinaiMaayana Miskin of Arutz Shevah reports that terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula who planned to blow up a bus full of Israeli tourists were stopped only by a mechanical failure in the bomb they were using…”

  16. I was speaking the inyan over with a choshuve talmid chochom and he pointed out to me yet another problem with the whole thing. He said that the Chazal that says that the olam is miskayeim bic\shvil hevel pihem shel tinokos shel beis rabban is talking about thei limud haToirah. In this event, they are being taken away from limud HaToirah!

    Limayseh, there are serious questions about it and it should be reconsidered. Maybe those who participated it weren’t presented with the whole picture, such as the arguments given above. If someone just told them, hey, we are gonna gather kids to say Tehillim, of course they wouldn’t object. But the problem is that it is not that simple.

    Anyone who has Torah responses, let them answer, lihagdil Toirah uliha’adirah. If their only answer though is to attack the one who raised the sheilos, and they can’t answer the sheilos, then that is suspicious and doesn’t reflect well on them.


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