Terp Pen: An Honest Review

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For wax concentrate consumers wanting a simple and effective means of dabbing, the Terp Pen from Boundless Technology seems like an obvious choice. But what is it really like to use the Terp Pen? Amidst all the vape reviews that seem to have been littered with nothing but praise for this dab pen, we’ll give you an honest review from someone who has been using the Terp Pen for months. We’ll share some real-world experiences of using the Boundless Terp Pen both at home and on-the-go.  

Let’s start with something that’s pretty much something many consumers ask immediately.  


I’ve found the Terp Pen surprisingly easy to use. While other dab pens require you to press several combinations even before you get to take a hit. I have been using quite my fair share of dab pens in the past couple of years and it’s always been the same process of pressing the button five times rapidly to power the device on. Two or three times to toggle through the temperature settings until you finally get to press and hold the button to begin a session. With the Terp Pen, all you need to do is to inhale from the mouthpiece and that basically activates both the battery and the heating element. The good thing about it is that there’s very little delay if any.  

My only gripe with the Terp Pen with the battery being draw-activated is there’s literally no way to control the temperature. If you’re the kind who likes to play pulse when dabbing with a single-temp vaporizer, you’ll have a bad time doing that with the Terp Pen since you’ll basically have to control your breath to achieve your desired result – not very convenient.  

That said, let’s move to something that concerns more experienced consumers.  


In terms of battery life, the Terp Pen does pretty well for a dab pen outfitted with only 300mAh of battery. On average, I get around 50 pulls from the Terp Pen averaging at around 10 seconds per draw. This means I get to max out every draw and wait until the battery shuts itself off.  For someone who has used numerous dab pens, I can say that for its size, the amount of draws it puts out isn’t too shabby at all. I can say the folks down at Boundless Technology know exactly what they’re doing.  

Honestly, the battery does last me almost a full day of vaping, but then again, I’m just a light consumer. Nevertheless, if you’re someone who consumes pretty heavy, you’ll be glad to know that the battery does reach a full charge in about 45 minutes to an hour and can be recharged using a USB charging cable. This means that you can recharge the Terp Pen in a lot more ways than one.  

Now, to something many consumers look for when wanting to invest in a new vaporizer.  

Build Quality  

I’m quite impressed with the Terp Pen’s build quality. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I use it at home and take it with me during commutes. I even bring it with me during short hikes and trips to the lake. I can say that this device was meant to keep up with people who have active lifestyles. It has been durable enough to withstand having been carried by hand, placed in a pocket, or carried in a bag.  

The Terp Pen surely isn’t waterproof so no matter how durable it is, you can’t expect it to do well against water damage. Nevertheless, you can expect it to be tough and dependable. Although it has several removable parts, they don’t easily come off. Even the magnetic cap does a good job of staying in place and protecting the atomizer. Mainly because of its medical-grade stainless steel body, the Terp Pen can hold up well against wear and tear.  

After talking about build quality, let’s talk about the thing that matters the most.  

Vapor Production  

In terms of vapor quality, the Terp Pen does a good job of delivering clean vapors despite its small size. This is mainly due to the ceramic-based heating element which heats the coils that causes the wax concentrates to be vaporized. The ceramic-based atomizer allows for a slower burn which means that instead of abruptly heating the wax, it slowly but progressively heats your extracts. This helps the Terp Pen vaporize your wax concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion. This is also one of the reasons why the Terp Pen gets to keep more of the flavors of your select wax concentrates for smoother and a more satisfying session.  

I’m pretty much impressed with how good the vapor production of the Terp Pen is and how well of an alternative it could be for people looking to get good quality dabs on-the-go.  

Lastly, to finish this review, we’ll talk about maintenance.  


With just a few removable and replaceable parts, the Terp Pen from Boundless Technology is a device that’s fairly simple and easy to maintain. Because of its stainless steel body, you can do away with wiping the body to clear away smudges and dirt.  

Depending on how often and how heavy you use it, the atomizer can be clogged and can develop gunk in which case it needs to be replaced. The battery is not to be left more than 24 hours plugged into a charger as this can cause a slew of issues from leakage to bloating.  

That said, if you watch how you use it and never soak it in water, you should be fine.  

Final Thoughts 

The Terp Pen is a device worth every penny, for its price it offers the bare necessities, and the only job it does so in vaping, it does pretty well. It may lack proper temperature control but it does make up for it with its simplicity and ease of use. Like my Terp Pen, it can be used as a daily driver or an occasional vaporizer for when you go out with friends or when you’re away from your home rig.  


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