LAST DAY: Tesla: Driving the Future


TODAY! Tesla Vehicles, $65,000 of Private Jet Airfare: Exciting Prizes at Chicago Chesed Fund Labor Day Raffle

The Chicago Chesed Fund has been committed to helping Jewish families in crisis throughout Metropolitan Chicago for 29 years. The organization provides personalized, immediate assistance to those in need. Within their 44,000 square foot warehouse, they offer a wide array of programs and services, aimed at battling hunger, preventing eviction and homelessness, and providing needy families with basics such as furniture and clothing. Their flagship program is the food pantry, which has helped them become one of the largest food distribution centers in northern Cook County. Under the direction of Hadayan Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, the Chicago Chesed Fund continues to assist more than 4,000 individuals every year.

That is why the Friends of the Chicago Chesed Fund, a concerted group of individuals from all spectrums of Judaism, have created their annual Chesed Fund Raffle to benefit this incredible organization. Elan Magence from Chicago, Illinois won last year’s top prize: an all-electric 2015 Tesla Model S, valued at $80,000. This year, they are offering even more incredible prizes for you to choose from. The winner of this year’s raffle will have his or her choice of:

$65,000 of Private Jet Airfare!  Avoid the hassles and discomfort of flying commercial by traveling in a private jet!

– Your choice of a Tesla Model S , Tesla Model 3 ,or Tesla Model X (value up to $83,000!). Ride in luxury in the all-electric sedan of your dreams!


$50,000 in cash!

A cap on the pot has been made, so only 3,999 tickets will be sold! Raffle tickets will be sold with the following pricing options:

Single Ticket at $100

11 Tickets at $1,000

60 Tickets at $5,000

135 Tickets at $10,000

For more information on the raffle and ticket sales, go visit the Chicago Chesed Fund Labor Day Raffle Page Here.

Chicago Chesed Fund will use the proceeds of this raffle to continue providing vital assistance to local Chicago families in need.



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